It is impossible to convey even a small part of Russian culture in the design of the gaming machine, and it makes no sense to do it. But the Russian national character, so bright and unmistakable that it is absolutely unacceptable that he was not represented in this genre as video slots. Especially because everyone knows the broad and generous Russian soul, so the winnings on this machine can be unprecedentedly huge.

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Play From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love - is a five-reel not progressive video slot with 25 paylines produced by Playtech. The game uses a "wild" symbol, scatter symbol, free spins and there is a bonus round. The maximum size of the jackpot is $500,000.


In this video game character slots presented old, but always unfailingly working for foreign tourists set of standard Russian templates and souvenirs. Samovar tea, fresh bagels, ornate balalaika and shoes, painted by a foreigner, therefore more similar to the Dutch wooden shoes. On the symbol of "scatter" - a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka with two filled glasses and a faceted portion of kebab on "wild" symbol shows large onions, and the symbol "bonus" - a traditional Russian dolls -it is a real brand of the game. On the other icons - traditional symbols of card deck "10", "J", "Q", "K" and "A". Each of the characters is written out on a separate plaque with beautiful monograms simulating Cyrillic drop cap. However all the characters depicted in good realistic manner and in soothing colors.


The amplitude of the rate in the game range from $0.01 to $1,250. Maximum winning jackpot could reach $500,000.

From Russia With Love Interface

The interface is satisfied by all the canons five-reel video slots. The color scheme blends background shades of cold winter and warm colors of game characters, that is a classic for the Russian ornament. Russian decor is present as icons on the game and on the blocks of table payments. The bonus round is a selection of dolls on the ice. Snowdrift snowstorm and frosty starry night are present on all screens. But the bright dome, catchy symbols and red and gold logo does not allow the game to create a sense of cold entertainment. The game is somewhat larger than usual number of indicators and controls, but that should not be confusing - the general rules are standard for video game machines.


In general, the slot "From Russia with Love" pleases the eye with its animation, it excites the imagination size of the fixed jackpot excitement and makes the game an exciting bonus game. Only here we would like to see the bonus round to assume direct payments, and the progressive jackpot will also be wished by many fans.
If we talk about the subject of this gaming machine, first of all, foreigners will like it, who will be involved with replicated pseudo-romanticism. Native users must accept everything that happens with a fair amount of humor and understanding, vodka, dolls and balalaika - the are brands that are known all over the world, so you need to treat them "with love."

Where to play From Russia With Love for free or real money?

Play the slot machine From Russia With Love casino Betfair.
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