Leslie Scott created the game, which was called Jenga, in 1983. It's pretty simple. It is necessary to build a tower of eighteen levels from fifty-four wooden blocks. Then players take blocks from the building one by one. The player whose move leads to the collapse of the tower loses.

Jenga has become very popular in many countries worldwide. According to its creator, more than fifty million sets for this game have been sold.

Cryptologic has recently developed an online arcade gambling game based on Jenga. It was released under the same name. This virtual Jenga is similar to the original one only in design. The rules for these games differ significantly.


Play Jenga

Jenga is a free online arcade game. It can be played betting on nine-eighteen lines. The bet per line at Inter Casino ranges from two cents to twenty dollars. So, you can wager up to three hundred and sixty dollars.
Jenga does not require taking any serious decisions, except for the selection of the bet size and the number of lines. The user starts a new round, and then just watches.
The tower made up of fifty-four multi-colored blocks that form 54 levels composed of three blocks each appears on the main screen. If the level is made up of three blocks of the same color, the payout is provided. Moreover, adjacent blocks of the same color from the upper and lower levels are also paid.
Some of the winning blocks randomly disappear from the building. The bonus blocks fall on the topmost level instead. They can also form paid combinations.
Payouts depend on the color of blocks. The most valuable blocks are blue. Three such elements provide the payout with the x100 multiplier (it is multiplied by the bet made on a single line), and each adjacent blue block is paid using the x120 multiplier.
If the tower collapses after the disappearance of some blocks, the player will be able to participate in a free round for the current bet.
Jenga has special blocks:

  • Magic Block paints adjacent blocks making them monochrome.
  • Layer Bomb explodes two, four or eight levels of the tower.

The highest payout per round can reach fifty thousand coins.

Jenga Bonus games

Jenga doesn't have extra bonus, except for mentioned above.


Jenga doesn't offer progressive jackpots.

Jenga Interface

There is a tower made up of colored blocks in the middle of the window of Jenga. The vertically arranged control panels with the following elements are located from both sides of it:

  • Lock Background is used to fix a certain color of the background
  • Lines is used to select the number of lines
  • Bet Per Line allows selecting the bet per line
  • Autoplay activates automatic mode
  • Game Speed is used to choose the game speed
  • Paytable is used to show the paytable and description of rules
  • Bet Max allows making the highest possible bet
  • Play is used to start a new round
  • The info windows are located to the right and at the bottom:
  • Bonus Blocks shows the bonus blocks
  • Line Win shows payouts for lines
  • Balance shows the number of credits on the account
  • Paid shows the payout number
  • Total Bet shows the total bet size

The background is replaced after each round of the game. If you do not like it, it can be changed by ticking off next to the corresponding window.


First of all, Jenga is very beautiful. It is stunningly decorated. This game has impressive graphics and spectacular sound effects. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, it can not be called boring. The virtual Jenga has almost nothing from the initial version, but it is unlikely that the game has lost its charm due to this fact.
The strategy is not required in Jenga, since you have just to choose a bet and the number of lines. Then everything depends on the random number generator and fortune.

Where to play Jenga for free or real money?

It is possible to play Jenga for both real and conditional bets at Inter Online Casino, as well as in some other establishments running on software released by Cryptologic, for example, at EU Casino. Perhaps some of them provide the opportunity to test Jenga without registration.

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