Magic Slots Slot Review

Magic Slots is a single-line game with three reels, which gives players the opportunity to get a bonus round if he or she will be lucky enough. Everything that you need to do is to collect three magic wands.

Slots are classic games with the old-fashioned style. Magic Slots was developed by Playtech, which was the leading company for the production of exciting games for online casinos!

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If you will be able to visit Europa Casino or Go Casino, do not miss the opportunity to try Magic Slots, because life has not so much magic. Maybe today will be your magic day.
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How to Play Magic Slots slot online

Instead of the traditional slot machines, a board with wooden handles on top is available.
The bright beautiful illustrations in the interface of the game tell us from the beginning that the gambling machine has been devoted to the topic of magic. On the left side of the gambling machine Magic Slots you can see a bag of gold, tied with a rope. Gold coins can be seen in the bag. They attract the eye of the player with its glow and cute little animation. Above the bags of gold, you will see an icon in the form of a gold coin on which the chip value is written. You can directly adjust the desired value. By default, the icon contains the amount of 25 cents. Plus and Minus allow either increase or decrease this bet.
The game Magic Slots is not available in practice mode, and it is necessary immediately to start playing for real money. The bet that you have made, and the amount of your payout will be given in the decorated leave hanging from the wooden handle, which is wrapped from the bottom like birch-bark manuscripts or papyrus.
On the right side you will see the card deck. On the card back of the upper card there is an inscription that states what you need to do to get the bonus round. The inscription reports: "Collect three magic wands to get the bonus round." However in the lower right corner there is a small clarification, stating that the bonus round is only possible while betting the highest amount. So be careful if you want to try your luck and get a chance to play the bonus game.
Near the cards users can also see the pure gold bullion. Everything in the game reminds the wealth that can be yours if you will be able to win.
It should be said that the spinning reels are somewhat unconventional. They are slightly protruded. You need to determine the number of bets before you start playing this slot. The slot provides Bet One, Bet Two and Bet Max. Inscriptions have been made on the stylish round buttons. The background of the whole composition is a curtain, i.e. the performance takes place on stage.

Magic Slots Symbols, Wild, Scatter

You will see a magician hat with white gloves, chips, magic wands, which have become the symbols of the game.

Magic Slots Bonus games

The game Magic Slots has bonus rounds, which can be obtained with the help of a card deck, which you see from the right side of the gambling machine. This is not just the essential elements of the magician. The card deck has its functional purposes. It counts the number of wands, which have appeared on the reels, initiating the bonus round. In the bonus game you have to choose out of four top hats. The instant payout is hidden behind each hat.


The game Magic Slots has a progressive jackpot. What does this mean? After each spin of the reels its amount increases. Thus, the lucky gamer can become a rich man in an instant. Are you ready to get rich? Do not turn away from the chance, which is provided for you by the destiny. Perhaps the fact that you are reading these words at the moment is not a coincidence and you will break the bank playing this slot machine.

Magic Slots Interface

The game has a nice interface. The reels are located on stage, where the magician has a performance. A bag of gold is lying under the button of the coin value with Plus and Minus. If you want to increase the coin denomination, you have to click on Plus. Otherwise, use Minus to reduce the coin value. The lowest value is 25 cents and the highest one is $5.

Buttons are located at the bottom of the slot:

  • Bet One allows activating the payline
  • Bet Two allows activating two lines
  • Bet Max is used to make the highest bet
The pay table, which is located right there, allows you to see variants of payouts for players who have wagered one, two or three coins per line.

Should You Play Magic Slots Slot for Real Money?

Everything looks pretty tempting and hands are just itching to play. Therefore, if you have free time, we recommend that you should pass it playing this game. We do not think you should start the game if you have a short break and you have to perform urgent tasks, because this slot can capture you so that you forget about everything. It will be much better if you leave a free evening for the game Magic Slots.
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