Original Chinese mahjong has rather complicated rules, requires well theoretical base and excellent practical skills. However, most of the people outside China know the game by its simplified version, presented as a solitaire. We believe you have played mahjong on your laptop or smartphone sometimes, removing pairs of the same dice.

This version is the base of the Mahjong 88 video slot, developed by Play'n GO. Please read about unique rules and exciting bonus options of the new model in the following review.

0.10 EUR
Min bet
100 EUR
Max bet
Max payout
Payout percent

General description

The Mahjong 88 is not a typical video slot. It has no reels, while icons form an 8x8 net at the gaming field.

A new set of dice appears at the beginning of every new round.

Goal of the game is to make a straight or broken line of at least four same elements.

Symbols must touch each other by sides but not corners. The longer the chain and the more valuable the icons, the higher the win.

It is possible to stake from ten cents to one hundred euro per round.

The Mahjong 88 is provided with different types of symbols, several bonus options and advanced prize features.

Payoffs are calculated by the current bet and unique indexes, provided by the rules for each of the possible combinations. Multiple wins are possible in the result of one round.

As soon as wins are paid, symbols included in the combinations are replaced by new icons. If more chains are made, the process repeats. It can happen unlimited times during the round.

There is no gambling feature here. Please read about bonus features of the Mahjong 88 by Play'n Go below in the review.

Screenshot gallery

The game was designed in style of classic mahjong.


Symbols imitate dice, traditionally used in a mahjong game. They are rectangular elements with points, flowers and different signs.

Some of the icons are provided with advanced functions:

  • Concealed Tiles – originally, these elements have no marks, but then they turn into the symbols able to form combinations in this particular situation.
  • Season Wilds – these are four Wild symbols named after four seasons. They work as bonus symbols and can appear during any round. They take several cells and replace other icons when necessary.

Payoffs by all possible combinations can be found in the paytable.

Bonus games

Let's discuss the prize feature. To begin with, there is a meter at the right of the gaming field. It is loaded when winning combinations are made. When the scale reacher certain levels, bonus options begin.

  • Fortune Frog – the frog comes alive when the meter is full for thirty-three positions (by the total number of symbols in combinations).

In this case, one of the four following features begins:

  1. Croak – one set of symbols is paid like Scatter.
  2. Spawn – one set of icons turns into different elements.
  3. Tongue – the slot picks one line randomly. All icons there transform into different elements.
  4. Hop – one symbol is replaced with another and destroys all elements around it.

Bonus options are demonstrated in our video review of the Mahjong 88 at Casinoz.club.

  • Super Charge – when the meter reaches 88 points, all wins are multiplied by five.

Moreover, there are seasonal bonuses.

  • Season Bonus – they have been named after four seasons and begin randomly. Seasons may change on their own. In such situations, payoffs rise and other privileges are gifted.

All bonus options play automatically.


Play'n GO doesn't offer a progressive jackpot to the customers of the Mahjong 88.


The first thing which appears at the screen when you launch the game is a multi-page animated intro, demonstrating prizes and bonus options.

The gaming field takes the central part of the screen. Winning combinations are shown at the left, while bonus elements are at the right.

There is a control panel in the bottom, with the following screens and buttons:

  • I – paytable and rules;
  • Balance – state of the balance;
  • Win – an amount of the win;
  • Bet – an amount of the stake;
  • ? – Help section.

The green button starts new rounds. The orange one activates the automatic mode.

It is possible to set up the sound, parameters of the autoplay, size of the screen and other options.

There is no need to download the Mahjong 88 as the game is available in the browser.

Mobile version

You can play the Mahjong 88 on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version offers a particular location of the buttons and lower demands to the productivity of the device.


Let's highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the new game.


  • Numerous bonus options;
  • Interesting payment system.


  • The RTP is not high enough.

Level of volatility is below the average.

Where to play for free or real money?

You are welcome to test the Mahjong 88 free at Casinoz.club.

Online casinos powered by Play'n GO software offer to play this game for real money.

Please write responses about this model and give rates.

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25 мая 08:53
Прикольно они совместили старинную настоьную игру и слот. Хотя минус на мой взгляд в том, что игрок все-таки не может влиять на результат, только ставки делаешь и все. А могли бы позволить хотя бы фишки самим выбирать, но все равно ном автомат.
7 мая 11:05
Я ради теста играю пока в бесплатном демо режиме. В плане дизайнерского оформления интерфейса, он конечно уступает своим собратьям. Но сама игра довольно таки затягивает, и не замечаешь как можешь всю ночь просидеть за этим слотом.
6 мая 13:59
Честно говоря, китайские головоломки, даже в самом упрощённом виде, не для меня. Мне бы что-то попроще, по зрелищнее. В целом же игра нормальная, бонусов хватает и придраться больше не к чему.
6 мая 10:54
С удовольствием поиграла в игру Маджонг .Это самая захватывающая и увлекательная из всех логических игр на сегодняшний день в которые мне приходилось играть. Очень много интересных и разнообразных уровней, Есть большое количество бонусов.
4 мая 14:59
Очень небольшой фанат этой игры, но для разнообразия можно и в ее поиграть, тем более, что бонусов здесь ну очень большое количество. Оформление и интерфейс не много ни обычные(без барабанов).
3 мая 14:09
Игра очень интересная, это на первый взгляд она выглядит простой. А затягивает на раз) Бонусы додают очков игре, без них было бы менее азартно, но всё равно весело. Я например с удовольствием играю в эту игру, разнообразие не помешает.
3 мая 11:32
Все же я не фанат маджонга - и эта игра тоже не привлекает, хотя бонусов много.