Sweet Alchemy Review

In early 2018 several developers have released online gambling games about alchemists. This popular trend has been followed by Play’n GO company in March 2018. The famous developer has presented «Sweet Alchemy» model about a pretty girl, performing magic on sweets. The novelty is loaded by all possible bonuses and has a magnificent design, so pumper yourself with a pleasure to test this game.

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Where to Play Sweet Alchemy?

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«Sweet Alchemy» online video slot is available for free testing at It is possible to play for real money at online casinos, working with Play’n GO. Best of them are presented below the review.
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Online casino with Sweet Alchemy

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How to Play Sweet Alchemy (Play’n GO)

«Sweet Alchemy» online video slot has twenty five symbols at the screen, located in 5x5 order.
Aim of the game is to win payoff making combinations of same elements and playing prize features.
The slot accepts bets per round in pretty wide range: from ten cents to one hundred euro.
«Sweet Alchemy» video slot is provided with ordinary symbols, Wilds of multiple types, level system, bonus rounds and other interesting features.
Payoffs are made for at least four same symbols, touching each other by sides vertically or horizontally. They can be situated at any cells. Multiple combinations can be formed in result of a single spin.
Wins are calculated by two parameters: total bet and special indexes from x0.1 to x30, provided by the rules for each of the possible combinations. They are multiplied by each other.
As soon as payoffs are made, symbols including into combinations burst. Empty cells are taken by icons situated above and new lollypops. It goes on while new winning combinations are being made.
«Sweet Alchemy» doesn't have a gambling feature. Please read about uncommon situations and prize options below in the review by

Sweet Alchemy Symbols, Wild, Scatter

Combinations of «Sweet Alchemy» video slot are formed of eight types of basic symbols. They are lollypops of different shapes and colors.
There are also various Wilds here:
  1. Regular Wild – is a regular Wild, which replaces other symbols in combinations.
  2. Striped Wild replaces other icons, but also removes a whole row or a column of symbols when it takes part in combination.
  3. Dotted Wild – is another variety of Wild. If such Wild helps making a combination, it also removes all symbols of specific type from the screen.
There are no Wild at the original screen. They are activated one by one while Sugar Rush Meter is being loaded.
  • Джокер
    Заменяет любые символы при формировании выигрышной комбинации.
  • Джокер с полоской
    При выигрыше удаляют весь ряд или колонку.
  • Джокер с глазурью
    При выигрыше удаляют все символы одного вида.
  • Звезда
    Самый ценный символ.
  • Сердце
    Второй символ по цене.
  • Фиолетовая конфета
    Третий по цене символ.
  • Пудинг
    Четвертый по цене символ.
  • Квадратная конфетка
    Пятый по цене символ.
  • Зеленая конфетка
    Шестой по цене символ.
  • Фиолетовая конфетка
    Седьмой символ по цене.
  • Конфетка в виде пончика
    Восьмой символ по цене.
  • Сахарная бомбочка
  • Конфетный сюрприз
    Заменяет случайные символы на джокеры
  • Ассорти
    Перемешивает символы.

Sweet Alchemy Bonus games

Let’s discuss prize features of «Sweet Alchemy» video slot.
  • Sugar Rush Meter – a scale, filled when combinations are made, is situated at the right. When the level reaches first scale, the alchemist adds two regular Wilds to the screen. Second control point activates two Striped Wilds, while third bar activates Dotted Wilds. If the counter is full, Mix the Elixir bonus begins.
  • Mix the Elixir Free Round – free spins on the casino’s expense. The game goes at new screen of 9x9 size. There are three levels and three Candy Spells here. We mean bonuses of different types, which help making paid combinations. They are demonstrated in the intro, which plays when you launch «Sweet Alchemy».
  • Elixir of Power Bonus – in this feature, which begins after Mix the Elixir, you would have to pick chocolate bars. They hide different elixirs. As soon as you collect three same elements, you win a prize. An amount of the win depends on type of elixir and the bet.
  • Map – every time you complete Mix the Elixir Free Round, you make several steps at the map. It is possible to win a chest of gold here.
Our video review of «Sweet Alchemy» slot machine at is supposed to help you understanding how to use all bonus features.


«Sweet Alchemy» doesn't draw a progressive jackpot.

Sweet Alchemy Interface

When you just launch the game, an animated intro begins automatically to give you an idea about general rules and features. It demonstrates how to win payoffs, how to activate bonus features and other opportunities. You can disable it by click at Exit in the right top corner of the screen.
You will see following elements at the interface:
  • Continue – hide the intro;
  • I – open the pay table and rules;
  • Balance – state of the balance;
  • Bet – select an amount of the bet;
  • ? – go to the Help;
  • Win – an amount of the win per spin.
Play buttons are situated at the right. Sugar Rush Meter and main heroine of the game are situated below.
Current combinations are demdsnatretd at the table at the left.
Terms and conditions are carefully explained on pay table and Help.
«Sweet Alchemy» allows to set up the sound parameters, speed of the gameplay, automatic game and etc. It is not necessary to download this video slot.
You can also play «Sweet Alchemy» on smartphones and tablets if you prefer mobile casinos. Mobile version is same convenient as the desktop model. Rules remain the same, but the interface has been adapted for censor screens. All major features are provided. Most of modern models are supported.

Video game review Sweet Alchemy

Should You Play Sweet Alchemy for Real Money?

In conclusion of the review, we would like to highlight major advantages and disadvantages of «Sweet Alchemy».
  • Pros: unique gaming features, numerous bonuses of different types, spectacular animation, bright design, convenient interface, diverse settings.
  • Cons: rather complicated terms and conditions.
Please pay your attention to average levels of payback and volatility.
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