Munchkins are folkloric creatures that are found in many fairy tales. They can be seen as the characters in the movies and animations. Users can hear about them in the children's horror stories and even stories of aircraft maintenance technicians. These hungry creatures are not as cute as munchkins in the magical land of Oz. They are those that come when no one sees and nibble all household items that they meet. Do not be surprised if you will be unable to find your keys, wallet or notes, it is possible that they have been eaten by the munchkins.

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Play Munchkins

The slot machine Munchkins that has been performed in the style of these fabulous creatures is a 5 reel (non-progressive) slot machine with 15 paylines. It has been supplied with wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and the maximum jackpot of $75,000.


All the symbols on the reels of the slot machine without exception have also suffered from the munchkins. Here you will find keys, a wallet, a notebook with homework and cookies stuffed with a pink filling that have been already nibbled. Even the standard symbols from the card deck (A, R, Q, J, 10 and 9) did not avoid this fate. All letters and numbers have marks of greedy teeth. The only symbol that has been left untouched copy is a cookie that is responsible for the free spins, as well as the wild symbol into which the munchkin is supposed to be put. The clear moon is seen outside the window, and in the dim light of the room someone is quietly nibbling your wallet, and the only way to catch it is to win in Munchkins.


The jackpot of Munchkins is $75,000. This means that munchkins can not only destroy everything around them, but also bestow players. If you want to try your luck, test the game firstly. The slot machine can be found for free on our portal. It is also possible to download the slot machine without registration on the other sites, but the main thing is to choose the right casino. If the slot machine without registration is offered for you, it means that you play for candy wrappers. This is not serious. For serious games you need to invest real money and the excitement will come to you.

Munchkins Interface

It should be noted that the design is drawn in bright, cheerful and colorful manner. It resembles a cartoon style and a candy wrapper at the same time. It is clear that munchkins have paid attention to this slot.

There are the following buttons on the reels:

Select Lines is used to choose the number of paylines

Select Coins is used to choose the number of coins per line

Bet Max allows making the highest bet, Spin allows spinning the reels

All these buttons are shown in the form of golden banners and the round button nearby shows the coin value. To change the coin value upward or downward, click on Plus or Minus.


If you want to improve your mood, we recommend that you should play the slot machine Munchkins. We will not see the protagonists in the game, but we are sure that munchkins are absolutely safe. They just want to make their marks everywhere, because otherwise they would have eaten the whole things! And we just see how they have left marks everywhere.

Where to play Munchkins for free or real money?

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