My Slot offers you to choose the design and play the slot machine, created according to your own taste.

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My Slot is a nine-reel gambling machine in which you can change the design of the game. Microgaming has provided us with this opportunity. The functionality allows you to import your own symbols creating your own game! Nothing like this has been developed. The users really like this element of interactivity. The game has free spins.

There are free spins in this game and you can win up to 15 such spins. The payouts will be multiplied by three.

We leave the default topic for the review. What do we see? The diamond symbol is a wild symbol and the payout for wild symbols is the highest. You have to place five diamonds in a row in a payline. In this way you will be able to get 10,000 coins. Betting 5 coins per line, you may increase it up to 50 thousand coins. It is a good jackpot, is not it? The wild symbol is also able to double the prize when it replaces the missing symbol.

The coin symbol serves as a scatter. It will bring you the payout if two, three or four symbols appear anywhere on the reels. If all five symbols show up, you can win five times more than you have wagered or 22,500 coins if you play betting the highest possible amount. The maximum bet is 45 coins per spin.

If you win fifteen spins, the bonus will increase three times. Thus, it can reach 150 thousand coins when five wild symbols are located in the active line. The free spins can be restarted. There are no restrictions concerning the number of repeated free spins bonus rounds.

There are also additional payouts in the game, as well as different ways to get them. You can get 750 coins using bells or banknotes.

The additional chance to win 400 coins appears if five gold bar symbols show up on the reels. Basically, these gains should be multiplied by 5 times and then by 2 times if one of the symbols would be wild.

My Slot Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The slot machine without registration uses symbols and sound effects by default after downloading the slot. You can leave these symbols, but it is better to customize them. Otherwise, there is no sense to play this slot. You may create icons of cats, dogs, favorite celebrities, etc.


The jackpot of the slot machine is 10 thousand coins.

My Slot Interface

The free slot machine has made a revolution in the world of slot machines. The gamers have never had the opportunity to create their own icons. You can change also sound effects using the special interface. We offer you to download the free slot machine to check its features. This game will never be boring. You can always change the interface depending on your mood and lifestyle at the moment.

You can just open the topic menu, where all the symbols are available. Click on the symbol and open the folder My Pictures (My Images). You need to replace the default symbols by your own ones. Then, go to the page with the symbols, where you can cut the image approaching it to the format of the game interface.

In addition to customization of the graphics, you can also change the sound effects in the game, which also become its unique features and increase its value among other similar products. You can get the unique game with options that will only please you instead of annoying. Do not search for a perfect game, create it yourself. The individual approach and interactivity is a big step forward despite the fact that the gambling machine is quite traditional. The company is trying to draw attention of users by the design. Evaluate the new features of this slot. Visit the gambling establishment Bet Fair to play this slot machine and decide whether you need such a self-expression or not. Microgaming provides countless games with different plots, graphics, topics and schemes. Choose according to your taste exploring the different areas to find your game. But maybe due to the need to express themselves or for other reasons, the gamers want to customize the game in their own way: like we install software, or download desktop wallpapers, or develop our home. People are always trying to make their home better, even if it is the virtual home. Why would you do something that brings satisfaction? Who knows, maybe you are addicted to it and change the icons in the gambling machine like your underwear? The gambling experience reaches the new level. A lot of new topics are publishing, and you can always make your own one taking the best from each.

However you will not be able to change everything in the game. The pay table will remain unchanged.


So, My Slot is a nine-reel slot machine that you can set up according to your tastes. Add images and sound effects that you wish to be available. To understand the sense of functionality, Microgaming has added the interface with pets. The customization process is surprisingly simple. By the way, before playing you can watch a video where all the details are explained without any difficulties.

Where to play My Slot for free or real money?

Search for this remarkable slot at Bet Fair Online Casino.

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