Wear a helmet, goggles and gloves. Today, we are going to fly following the Red Baron. Air combats of the early twentieth century resemble jousting. Technologies allowed taking off in the air and shooting at each other, but radars, autopilot and homing missiles were not invented. So everything depends on the courage and personal skills of the pilots. A century ago air aces painted card aces on their plywood biplanes. That is why they got such nicknames. It is not surprising that the topic of flying barons of the First World War is a frequent guest in the slot machines. The slot Reel Baron is not an exception.

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Play Reel Baron

This is a 5-reel video slot machine from Microgaming with twenty paylines without a progressive jackpot. It comes with wild symbols, scatters, free spins and multipliers.

The coin value ranges from one cent to 50 cents, so the total bet reaches $100 per spin. This is a fairly high bet, so high rollers will enjoy this game. They can activate all 20 lines and get a good prize! As mentioned above, the range of bets is from 0.01 to 100 with the maximum jackpot of 10,000.

The baron wild symbol can replace any other symbols in this game, except for the scatter symbol. We are going to remind you that it is not necessary for the scatter symbol to form a line to get payouts. It can appear anywhere on the reels.

Reel Baron Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols on the reels have been beautifully drawn in the best tradition of comics and animation. According to the topic, there are aircrafts first of all. The pink airplane with the ace of hearts in the wings can be observed. Of course, it is controlled by a pretty young lady. Another biplane of khaki color has a sign of the ace of diamonds. Finally, there is the Red Baron's triplane with the ace of clubs on the tail and wings. The topic is supported by a huge zeppelin with a steel shell and fat bombs with golden dollar sign on board for some reason. The icons include: a light helmet with goggles in a metal frame, a medal in the form of the black cross of clubs, which is, of course, similar to the honored Iron Cross of the Luftwaffe. A small stone house with weather vane is certainly the headquarters of the field aviation. There is also a treasure box. It is not a traditional treasure chest, but the khaki box, in which instead of ammunition users can find coins, jewelry, necklaces. The scatter in this game shows a mad compass whose arrow is spinning so that it is not possible to keep track of it.

The wild symbol is a logo of the red plane taking off.


The jackpot of the slot machine Reel Baron is 10,000 coins. Taking into account that the maximum bet is 100, the jackpot is not very high. This slot machine has no progressive jackpot.

Reel Baron Interface

The interface leaves users with a very good impression. All elements have been painted with style and humor. The design has been made in as a single style. The bright colors are appropriate and emphasize the toylike design of slot icons and controls. The background has been presented in the slightly cloudy sky at which two machine guns are aimed. There are two aviation gunsights in round frames. This is a classic symbol of the air combats. The comical font of the game logo distracts from the serious outcome of the mission. Blue and red letters are inscribed in gold wings and look organically on the playing field. The buttons Lines, Coins, Bet Max and Spin and bet indicators have been made in the common style, but not in the form of standard buttons of Microgames. They are located at the top of a wooden plank that imitates the control panel of the first aircraft and emphasizes the integrity of the interface by its shape and colors.


The slot machine without registration Reel Baron promises an exciting pastime and gameplay. Despite the fact that playing the slot machine may be interesting only when cash prize is wakening the real excitement. For those who firstly want to test the slot, we offer to download the slot machine for free and only after that to play at online casinos for real money.

Where to play Reel Baron for free or real money?

If you are interested in the history of aviation, we recommend that you should visit the gambling establishments Betfair to get reliable service.

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