Royal Crown 3 Card Brag
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Royal Crown 3 Card Brag Review

Having released a model to which this article written by reviewers of the portal Casinoz is devoted, Novomatic has confirmed once again that it is a manufacturer of diverse types of online casino software. It always proves that it is not going to focus only on the most demanded and popular categories of gambling games and is willing to please customers of online casinos with diverse tastes with high-quality products.

So, this article deals with a card game called Royal Crown 3 Card Brag from the Royal Crown series that includes various models from Novomatic. If you are unfamiliar with its rules, our article will help you to understand all gameplay nuances and explain all interface features.

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Royal Crown 3 Card Brag
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Play Free Demo Royal Crown 3 Card Brag without registration

Users will find this model at StarGames Casino, where it is possible to test it in training mode or run it for current bets directly on the site. However you will need to open an account, since slot machines are not available without registration even for free. You can search for Royal Crown 3 Card Brag at other casinos running on licensed software from Novomatic.
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How to Play Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

Three card brag is an ancient card game that is supposed to be an ancestor to poker. An ordinary 52-card deck with no jokers is used in it. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The user plays against the casino whose role is performed by the virtual dealer. The aim of the game is to beat the croupier by collecting a higher three-card hand.
It is allowed to play only one hand in Royal Crown 3 Card Brag. Two types of bets are available: Ante and Pair Bonus (read about it below.) The ante size should exceed fifty credits.
Having made a bet, the user gets three cards. All of them are placed face up. The croupier deals three hole cards to himself.
Then the player should decide whether to continue the game by making a side bet called Play (it is equal to one ante) or fold, losing wagered money. If he or she folds, the round ends. If he or she makes a Play bet, the dealer reveals his cards.
The game may develop according to the following scenario:
  • If the dealer does not have at least the lowest-ranking hand (i.e. one queen), the player receives a payout that is equal to one ante. The Play bet is just returned to him.
  • If the dealer has at least the lowest-ranking hand, the dealer's and player's hands are compared with each other. If the dealer wins, the player's bets go to the cashier. If the player's hand has a higher rank, both bets are paid 1:1.
In addition, there are bonus payouts discussed below.
Cards cannot be exchanged. Other manipulations are unavailable.
We don't have information about the embedded theoretical payout percentage.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag Bonus games

Side features of Royal Crown 3 Card Brag include Pair Bonus bets and bonus payouts for the ante for some hands. Let's start with money that gamblers can get for the basic bet.
If one of the following hands is formed, the user gets a guaranteed payout. In this case, the dealer's hand and outcome of the main draw are not taken into account. Amounts are calculated according to the following multipliers:
  • Straight - 1:1
  • Straight flush - 4:1
  • Three of a kind - 5:1
The extra bet is placed regardless of the ante, depending on the player's desire. It is allowed to make it without the ante. So, this round may be considered as an individual competition. This bet is paid if the customer's hand is collected:
  • Any pair - 1:1
  • Flush - 4:1
  • Straight - 6:1
  • Straight flush - 30:1
  • Three of a kind - 40:1
The outcome of the ante bet is not taken into consideration. The dealer's hands don't make any difference.


Progressive jackpots are not provided.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag Interface

We provide our readers with the explanation of inscriptions available on the control panel:
  • New Bet allows selecting the bet size
  • Same Bet is used to repeat the previous bet
  • Deal is used to deal cards
  • Clear allows removing chips
  • Bet-/Bet+ are used to adjust the coin value
  • Info is used to open information about the rules
  • Bet allows choosing the coin denomination
  • Total Bet shows the total wager per round
  • Last Win shows the recent payout
  • Credit shows the balance of the account
  • Help is used to open a section with data on this game
  • Exit is used to exit this game
To select the bet size, you should choose a chip denomination and click on the corresponding sector on the layout.
Sectors for Ante, Play, and Pay Bonus bets have corresponding inscriptions on the table layout. Next to them, users may notice the paytable, as well as terms and conditions. Read more information about this game in a separate table and section Help.
The off-screen dealer also provides tips on the gameplay. There is an info line with the important comments on the control panel.
Options allow customers to select the convenient bet and screen size. It is also possible to adjust audio effects.
There is no sense in downloading Royal Crown 3 Card Brag. Just run this game in the browser.

Mobile Compatibility

Should You Play Royal Crown 3 Card Brag for Real Money?

It's a great game for fans of card gambling games. It has interesting rules. This game pleases with a convenient interface and cool graphics. As a whole it makes a good impression.
Recommendation on the strategy will be prepared a little bit later. Stay tuned and follow updates on the website Casinoz.
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