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Poker Let It Ride was initially presented to an audience in 1993 in Reno, Nevada. Its rules resemble the classic stud, but a number of unique features make this game exciting and original. Nowadays Let It Ride Poker is available in many brick and mortar casinos and almost all online establishments. It has very simple rules, and the outcome depends not only on your luck, but also on your skills. The renowned manufacturer of software for online casinos Cryptologic offers its own version of this poker.

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Where to Play Let It Ride Poker?

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Gamers can play Let It Ride Poker both for fun and for real money at InterCasino, as well as at many other online casinos using software from Cryptologic. The logos of some of them with links to their official sites are enumerated below. The registration lasts only a few minutes. Then you can get acquainted with Let It Ride Poker and many other games.
The fundamentals of the basic strategy for Let It Ride Poker are covered in the article with the rules for this game published on the portal Casinoz.
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How to Play Let It Ride Poker (Cryptologic)

Let It Ride Poker is a kind of poker based on the rules of stud poker. It also slightly resembles video poker, namely it lacks opponents and it is not necessary to compare combinations.
A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used in this game. The rules for Let It Ride Pokerare discussed in detail in the separate article on the portal Casinoz, and there is no sense in considering it here, since the version of Cryptologic has no differences from the standard principles. Let's deal with the basic rules.
  • The goal of the game is to collect one of the paid combinations and skillfully make bets.
  • It is allowed to wager only on one hand.
  • The bet consists of three equal parts, two of which can be removed if the player is not satisfied with his rank of cards.
  • The player can (optionally) make a side bonus bet in the amount of one credit, which is paid after receiving a three of a kind and higher.
  • The minimum paid hand for the basic bet is a pair of tens.

Let It Ride Poker from Cryptologic has limits for the payout per hand. For example, the maximum payout per round can not exceed fifty thousand at the table with the betting range from one to fifty credits.

Let It Ride Poker has the standard poker hands that are paid according to the following multipliers:

  • Royal flush- 1,000:1
  • Straight flush - 200:1
  • Four of a kind - 50:1
  • Full house - 11:1
  • Flush - 8:1
  • Straight - 5:1
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • One pair - 1:1 (a pair of tens and higher is paid)

The payouts are made for all the bets that were valid when the last card was opened.

The gameplay of Let It Ride Poker from Cryptologic consists of several stages. The player chooses the chip value and makes the basic bet. It is automatically divided into three sectors. If desired, it is possible to place a bonus wager. After that, he or she receives three upcards, and two hole cards are lying in front of the dealer.
Evaluating the rank of cards, the player may leave a part of the bet on the first sector or remove it. If the cards seem to be weak, he or she takes one-third of the bet back. Or on the contrary, the bet can be left in the game.
Then the dealer faces up one of the two cards lying face down. This card is treated as a component of the player's hand. Again he or she should choose whether to take back one-third of the second sector or leave it in the game.
After this, the second hole card is faced up. If the five cards have a paid combination, the user receives the payout for bets remained in the game. If there is no paid combination, all bets located on the table are lost.
Even after receiving the first three cards, the player may click the button and leave all bets in the game. Then the croupier immediately faces up two cards. Usually this happens when three upcards already have a paid combination.

Let It Ride Poker Bonus games

The bonus bet can only be made only together with the basic bet. Its size is one credit and the payouts for it start with a three of a kind. We offer you to become familiar with the payouts for certain combinations (in credits):
  • Royal flush - 30,000
  • Straight flush - 3,000
  • Four of a kind - 400
  • Full house - 200
  • Flush - 50
  • Straight - 25
  • Three of a kind - 5
It is worth noting that the strategy in Let It Ride Poker recommends that customers of casinos should not make this unfavorable bet.


Let It Ride Poker form Cryptologic has no progressive jackpot.

Let It Ride Poker Interface

The interface of Let It Ride Poker is simple and fairly understandable. However the functions of the basic control elements and info windows should be better clarified:
  • Deal is used to deal the cards
  • Rebet allows repeating the previous bet
  • Rebet and Deal is used to repeat the bet and deal the cards
  • Clear Bets is used to remove all bets
  • Pull Bet allows removing bets from the first and second sectors
  • Let It Ride is used to leave a bet on the first and second sectors and face up one dealer's card
  • Let It All Ride is used to leave all bets on the first and second sectors and face up both cards of the dealer
  • Settings includes options of the game
  • Auto-Bet is used to repeat bets automatically
  • Balance shows the numbers of credits on the account
  • Paid shows the payout
  • Bet shows the bet size
  • Game Speed is used to select the game speed
The paytable for various combinations has been painted directly on the playing field of Let It Ride Poker. Boxes for basic bets are numbered (1, 2 and $). Boxes for bonus bets are located above. There is a table with the range of bets near a discard tray. If you hover your mouse cursor over an inscription Game Rules on it, a pop-up window with the basic rules of the game will appear.

Should You Play Let It Ride Poker for Real Money?

Let It Ride Poker is an amusing game with an extremely user-friendly interface. The manufacturer tried its best. We have not succeeded in finding significant disadvantages.
Beginners will find helpful advices concerning the gameplay, although they should hardly rely on them seriously. For example, you advices will remind you to make a bonus bet, although it has been known that it is not beneficial for the gamers. But in some cases they can really be useful, because sometimes players can mistakenly try to remove a bet in the presence of a paid combination.
In automatic mode it is possible to adjust the number of hands, choose a scheme of bets and change some other settings. Let It Ride Poker allows regulating the game speed and other options. The sound effects are very active. Almost each step is announced verbally. The operation of a shuffle machine is imitated during dealing.
In short, the game deserves the attention of all fans of this kind of poker.
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