Spin a Win Review

Users can find various games that resemble the famous Wheel of Fortune at online casinos. They can vary greatly in design and may have completely different rules, but the initial model of this game, which has become the prototype, can be noticed without mistake.

The game whose review we offer you in this article belongs to the category of such models. It's called Spin a Win and is available at Europa Casino.

7.29 /10

Play Spin a Win

Spin a Win is a free arcade game in which a wheel with sectors of different colors numbered from 1 to 24 is used. There is also a special betting layout.
The aim of the game is to win by making one or more bets on the outcome of the spin.
To place a bet on any field, you should click on it with your mouse. Each click will increase the bet size.
The multipliers in Set Spin a Win are indicated either for a certain group of sectors or directly for a single number. The minimum one for each bet is ten cents. The maximum one for some positions can reach fifty euros.
Let's discuss the types of bets:
  • On a single number. It is a bet on one sector of the wheel.
  • On adjacent sectors. It is a bet on any number from the sectors 1-8, 9-16 and 17-24.
  • On color. It is a bet on any number of a particular color. The number of sectors of the same color differs in this game (from seven to two), so the multiplier varies significantly. Users can also wager on a pair of colors.
  • On the last digit. It is a bet on the last digit of any numeral (1, 2, 3 or 4).
  • Even/odd. It is a bet on either odd or even number.
  • Higher/lower. It is a bet on any number that is higher or lower than the number appeared in the previous spin. It is not available in the first round.
The gameplay in Spin a Win consists of selecting a bet and spinning the wheel. The sector that stops opposite to the arrow becomes winning.

Spin a Win Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Spin a Win.


Spin a Win does not offer progressive jackpots.

Spin a Win Interface

In the middle of the window there is a colorful wheel. The fields for bets are located from the left and from the right sides.
Three buttons of the control panel can be noticed below. They are used to spin the wheel, cancel the last bet or completely clear the field.
Spin a Win has various options that allow adjusting audio effects, activating advices and so on.


Spin a Win resembles many other models released by different manufacturers of software for online gambling. It is superior to some other games of this genre in some parameters and inferior to them in the others. You can download Spin a Win and make your own impression of this game.

Where to play Spin a Win for free or real money?

Spin a Win is available at Europa Casino and many other major online casinos running on software released by Playtech. All of them allow users to test the game in free mode. You can also test Spin a Win for fun without registration directly on the portal Casinoz.
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