Who can refuse the post of a judge? Imagine how cricket could be in the world of «Star Wars», where Darth Vader makes an inning to Luke Skywalker, using thermal detonator inspire of ball. Exactly such thoughts have probably come to the developers, who have created such game, because the line of Star Wars is obvious here, it is enough to read the name of the game. Don't you have such associations when you read the name of «Umpire Strikes Back»? Doesn't an episode of «Star Wars» come to your mind? However, taking a peek at the reels, everything we can see is cricket, which is presented in a kind of humorous way. This national game could avoid becoming one of the subject of studying for the players; while online casinos attract gambling people, any sports are welcomed here, moreover, if it is so respectable as cricket.

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Play Umpire Strikes Back

Umpire Strikes Back is an online slot machine with three reels, one pay line and bonus game, which was developed by Microgaming company.

This game is provided with a colorful interesting graphics and a wonderful soundtrack. Meanwhile, in general it is a fruit slot machine devoted to cricket with all characteristics of classic slot machine, which are obvious here. This game is going to suit everybody’s tastes.

In this game you can stake coins of value in range from ten cents to ten dollars, taking in account, that an amount of the bet is fixed in this game. You can stake only one coin. This way, selection of the value of the coins is the only way to control the situation. There are totally nine different winning combinations in this game.

There is also the bonus game is this video slot, which remind the fortune wheel. You would have to spin a wheel to find out an amount of your winning in the bonus game of Umpire Strikes Back slot machine.

Such bonus options, as Hold and Nudges would let you to control the gaming situation at least a bit.

Umpire Strikes Back Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols, which you can see at the reels of Umpire Strikes Back slot machine, are quite traditional for fruit slots: cherries, lemons and oranges. However, to pay the duty to the main topic of the game, the developers have added symbols with images of a judge, a helmet, a red ball and a bat.

This slot machine is quite plain, there are no extra multipliers of payoffs, Wild or Scatter symbols, which could make this slot attractive for the experienced players, but it also means that this game is suitable for any beginner, however, it would be interesting even for the experienced players as well. This slot machine is also provided with other interesting gaming options, which can attract your attention. For example, Nudges and Hold options, as well as the gambling feature, which ranges it to the category of games with the gambling feature. Playing Umpire Strikes Back slot machine you would also get acquainted with other interesting bonus options.

Umpire Strikes Back video slot has Hi/Lo bonus game, which consists of eleven different levels and four columns of different colors. The red list offers you extra multipliers and the gambling feature. The Green rows include the bonus options, while the blue rows provide you with eleven different indexes of nudges. In the yellow list you would see interesting names of different bonus options. Guess in Hi/Lo game and get prizes. There you can get additional lives, a chance to participate in lossless gambling feature, change of a multiplier, which can drop out randomly.

Umpire Strikes Back Bonus games

There is a plenty of bonus options in Umpire Strikes Back slot machine. Lets’ check them out.

  • No Lose - the lossless gambling feature.
  • Going Solo - a chance to get an extra winning.
  • Hutt-Trick - respin of Hi/Lo reels randomly. Three numbers at the reels are summarized and you receive a winning, multiplied by the result.
  • Sky Yorker - an analogy with Sky Walker is clear here. It is a «winning session». You get a random quantity of winnings and the total amount of them.
  • Imperial Innings - you get imperial innings and can essentially increase an amount of your winning.
  • Slot It! - an option in style of reel roulette. This bonus option uses outside positions of the reels. Take a chance to click at stop button and the light would start to stop slowly and you receive a prize depending on where the blinking finishes.
  • Rebel Runner - the reels start spinning against your eyes. You would have enough time to see a winning and try to stop the reels at the winning position. Just don't wait too long or the reels would stop on its own.
  • Stumptrooper - it is bonus option in style of «Spin a Win». Here you get a random winning.
  • Use the Fours! - the reels are spinning. Every «4» at the winning line adds one unit to the winning ladder until the reels are stopped. Then you receive the largest winning, provided by the payment table.
  • Totally Wicket! - symbols are blinking at the reels, while you have to stop a winning at one of them.
  • Over Kenobi - a bonus option in «choose a winning» style. A series of winning is displayed to the player one by one. Everything depends on you: collect these winnings or wait for the following. What if the following are more generous? Or what if you oppositely lose? If you wait too long, you can lose your chance as well, so don't be greedy!

All these bonus options seems to be quite complicated for perception. In case, it is easy to study out the rules, moreover, you can practice, playing on this slot machine without registration.


The jackpot of Umpire Strikes Back slot machine is 1000 coins. To receive it, it is necessary to pick three symbols with image of judges at the active line. The second payout is 200 coins here. You can get it for the combination made of three symbols of the bat.

Umpire Strikes Back Interface

The graphics of Umpire Strikes Back slot machine is designed not only on the highest level, but also with a part of humor.

This game is provided with automatic spins, which simplify the gameplay in case you are playing for a long time.

At the screen of this slot machine you would see a green field, where the players dressed in white are playing cricket. You can see different scenes with players in different gaming situations and the judge with a bat in his hand, that perfectly corresponds to the name of the game. His severe face clearly expresses his intention - the judge makes a counterstroke! So look ahead!

The reels are situated in the center, while the payment table can be found at right from them. The Nudges options of this game are situated left to the reels: Nudge Now, Nudge Bank Held, Nudge Repeat, Nudge Gamble, as well as high numbers and lose capture under it. You can win some quantity of nudges or fail the gambling feature by click at Lose button if you are not lucky.

When Nudge Now drops out randomly, you have to move the reel to the desired position, but you can refuse using this option if it doesn't bring you anything. You can find out about it in advance, by click at the arrows in the top part of the screen above the reels.

There is a standard for all slot machine Spin button, which starts a new spin. Next to it you can see buttons with plus and minus signs, which select a proper value of coins in this game.

When you start playing the bonus game of Umpire Strikes Back video slot, you would see much more interesting interface. Here we see the severe judge and one of the players, which glances from numerous bonuses, promised by this game.


Umpire Strikes Back game is interesting due to its plot and it is pleasant to play it, because it is a really high quality product. This free online slot machine is not scared of competition, because it can easily win such games due to its unique theme and visualization. It is very interesting to study out additional winning bonus options and, of course, is pleasant to get prizes!

Where to play Umpire Strikes Back for free or real money?

You can play Umpire Strikes Back funny game in Crazy Vegas online casino. If you are not ready to start playing by the real money right now, you can download this video slot free right at our website.

Please share your opinion about Umpire Strikes Back slot machine with us and other readers of casinoz.me. You can write your responses in comments to the review and rate this game.

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