Have you ever thought what happens if all the most powerful witches come together? Such a company could have unbelievable power, which could reign the entire planet. However as we are unable to make it, al least with can gather them in the same video slot named «Wild Witches». Perhaps, their magic power would help us win a jackpot!

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Play Wild Witches

«Wild Witches» is the five reeled online slot machine where you can play by up to twenty active lines. It is possible to stake from one cent to one dollars per line and an amount of your prize depends on your bet in case of good luck. The maximal acceptable bet is eighty coins per spin here.
This model is also provided with stop-game feature, Scatter symbol, two Wild symbols with extra multipliers and free spins gifted in the bonus game.
You can win up to thirty free spins when three, four or five Scatter symbol with an image of a pot dropped out anywhere at the screen. However it’s not a border! You can increase quantity of free spins even more if you are lucky again during these spins and you win extra spins. In this case they are just added to the rest and you have a chance to enjoy the free game rising up your bankroll.


The gaming symbols of «Wild Witches» slot machine have its story which derives from the legends. The origin of the witches is always fogy, but tale is messed with true in these stories. For example, name of one of the witches is Faumnah. She was the first wife of Midir and the witch of Danu goddess tribes according to the Irish mythology. They could spell enemies while their spears were sharp and light. It is how the power was put against intelligence by opinion of some researchers. However Midir, the husband of Faumnah fell in love with Etaine and angered the witch, which has turned her into a fly. In spite of such an unexpected development, it was just a beginning of Etaine journeys, which you can read about tin the literature work of fourteenth century named «The Courtship to Elaine». It is the beautiful Irish legend which makes playing this slot machine even more exciting when you know the prototypes of which mythic heroines the characters of «Wild Witches» game are.
Other witch is Dalal from the Indian clan Gothora, which has founded Kuchesar princedom neat Delhi.
Loukhi old witch is the powerful wizard from Karelian-Finnish epos. It is the dark character, although Karelian are trying to get her a kind name in the modern time.
Medb or Mave, which name means «delightful», us the heroine of the Irish tales of the eight century of our time. She was the queen of Connacht, the province of western Ireland. She was martial and beautiful and had unbroken spirit. She has born seven sons to the King and named Maine all of them, because someone named Maine had to kill Conchobar which she was hating, according to the forecast of a druid. Her portrait was imaged at one pound banknotes of Ireland up to 2002.
Well, and the most famous character in the gallery of the characters of «Wild Witches» slot machine is Medea, which is the goddess of the mythology of the Ancient Greece, which help Jason and the argonauts to get the golden fleece, well-known to every student.
How can the witches live without rats, frogs, mandragora root and other sector ingredients?
The symbols which image the witches are illustrated in cartoon style, so the witches are quite pretty.
Wild symbol of this game is the witches’ spell book. Replacing the missed symbols in winning combinations, it is not omnipotent. The spell book can’t work with Scatter symbol - the pot, where the witches are boiling their potions, and can’t trigger the bonus round of free spins of «Wild Witches» slot machine.
What does the pot, which is Scatter symbol of this game, can give us? Capable to appear anywhere at the screen, the pot is always in the middle of events. The potion, which changes the development of the game is boiled there. What if the witches boil you a potion, which gifts you with good luck? At least, several such symbols (at least three of them), can trigger the bonus round of free spins.

Wild Witches Bonus games

Any thematic bonus games are not provided by the rules of «Wild Witches» slot machine.


An amount of the jackpot of «Wild Witches» video slot is forty thousand dollars.

Wild Witches Interface

The fairy-tale interface of «Wild Witches» game is incredibly beautiful. We would like to praise the excellent work of the illustrators, which have made a good job. The detailed background is made perfectly. You can see the following controlling buttons in the bottom part of the interface:

  • Bet level – select an amount of the bet per line in coins.
  • Bet Lines – select active lines.
  • Max Bet – start a new spin by the maximal bet in one click.
  • Coin Value – select the coin value.
  • A round button with arrows starts a new spin.


The beautiful interface, the unique sound effects and a plenty of gaming options are the main advantages of this game. «Wild Witches» are not so wild in case, but they can help you win good prizes if you take a risk to play on this slot machine!

Where to play Wild Witches for free or real money?

It is possible to improve your bankroll with help of «Wild Witches» slot machine in such online casinos as Casino Room or Casino Euro. If you play there once, you would definitely like to repeat such an experience.Your responses about «Wild Witches» slot machine would help us making Casinoz more interesting and useful for the readers. Please share your impressions in comments to the review and rate this game. Your opinion is very important for us.

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