Four of the greatest card rooms in the Golden State have united for the Southern California Poker Championships. The activity will commence at the Gardens Casino in September before moving to the Bicycle Hotel and Casino toward the beginning of October, the Hustler Casino in late October, lastly the Commerce Hotel and Casino toward the beginning of November. Everybody who advances to day 4 will join to make one field and play to a champion on Dec. 14-15 at the Bike. The last table will turn from clubhouse to gambling club each year. 

"Los Angeles is the poker capital of the world," said Bicycle Hotel and Casino Poker Manager Eveliene Dullaart. "I figured, is there any valid reason why we shouldn't have the biggest competition? I asked Mo Fathipour, our Tournament Director, how we could pull this off and with the assistance of General Partner, Hashem Minaiy, we began drawing nearer a few other neighborhood clubhouse." 
"We began meeting with Marc Weinreich, Nancy Grout, and Cavin Quintanilla from The Gardens Casino; Daniela Cicu and Justin Hammer from Commerce Hotel and Casino; and Craig Kaufman from the Hustler Casino," proceeded with Fathipour. "I displayed a structure to the next TD's, Cavin from the Gardens, Justin from Commerce, and Craig Kaufman, Tournament Director from Hustler and together we set up together an occasion that we know players are going to love! I'm proud to the point that it will be a Quantum Tournament as well. We are all truly amped up for cooperating and showing a truly unique competition. It will be an immense achievement." 
The $350 purchase in occasion, which includes a fantastic 64 day 1 beginning flights, is ensuring an incredible $3 million for the prize pool. The victor will bring home a base payout of $500,000 and a shiny new Mercedes, which will be in plain view at every clubhouse amid the preparatory beginning flights. 
Every beginning flight takes into consideration a solitary reentry and players can play in the same number of flights as they'd like, even at different properties. The last 10% of every beginning field will gain in any event $600. The last eight percent brings home $700, and the last six percent get $800 alongside a ticket to day 2. In the event that a player figures out how to fit the bill for day 2 more than once, he or she will likewise get a payout reward, contingent upon the gambling club. 
Moreover, the club have tossed in an additional motivator to play with a $100,000 freeroll booked Dec. 13 for the main 50 point workers all through the competition's length. Players gain focuses each time they enlist for a day 1 beginning flight, and extra indicates for propelling day 2. Since the is a Quantum Tournament occasion, players can likewise skip day 1 through and through and purchase in straightforwardly to day 2 for $4,500. Those players will be given a normal heap of 210,000 when the blinds are at 1,500-3,000 with a 500 risk. 
The last 33 percent of every day 2 field will make at least $800. That is notwithstanding any money and rewards they gain for day 1. The last six percent of the day 2 field advances to the title competition at The Bicycle Hotel and Casino. The rest of the 36 players will use the Action Clock by Protection Poker until a victor is resolved.
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