Mediarex Sports and Entertainment, the organization in charge of the GPL, as of late went into a concurrence with JuzhongJoy in Beijing to run GPL China's operations, appropriation and sponsorships. GPL China, which was declared in December 2016, will have an underlying program of eight groups. As of now, GPL China has a multi-year concurrence with Sina Sports, an advanced games property in China. 

"As of late, the pace of advancement [for poker in China] has been quick, with more local rivalry consistently," said Peng Zhang, CEO of JuzhongJoy in a discharge on their website.* "While residential players to take an interest in world-class occasions are additionally developing interest, GPL as a Global Poker League picked the best time to enter China...Through collaboration on both sides, the GPL in China can flourish in China and the worldwide poker culture can manufacture the best stage." 

Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Mediarex, said this group had over six years of operational experience starting at 2016. "Strikingly, we will concentrate on cooperating with however many versatile applications as could be expected under the circumstances," Dreyfus said. "We need to remain impartial and turn into the NBA of Poker in China." Dreyfus needs to bring the achievement of the principal period of the GPL - 180 matches and several hours of substance - to China. 

"Mediarex is setting aside opportunity to concentrate on enhancements in planning for the dispatch of Season 2 and past," he said in a discharge by email. "With the eSports business blast - a marvel which has enlivened a great deal of our drives in the course of recent years - we've chosen to create local encounters to supplement our worldwide association." The GPL will likewise bolster other local activities, as it did with the GPL Heads-Up Challenge in France. Nearby GPL China, Mediarex will likewise work to dispatch GPL India and GPL Latin America sooner rather than later. 

"Like never before, GPL will be a worldwide diversion stage that interfaces players and fans everywhere throughout the world," Dreyfus said. "This adventure is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. All things considered, we're being mindful so as to set aside our opportunity to develop the long haul vision we have."

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