The owner of Lucky Lady Casino & Card Room located in San Diego was accused of illicit sports betting. He was among fourteen suspects arrested during a raid organized by FBI, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation and the local police. The suspects were accused of racketeering and illegal gambling activities.
Stanley Samuel Penn, the owner of Lucky Lady Casino & Card Room, used his gambling facility to legitimate illegal betting activities organized by Sanders Bruce Segal.
The investigation concerning this affair began in 2014. It was found that Sanders Bruce Segal was engaged in cooperation with non-U.S. based online sports betting websites. 
It is interesting to note that the illicit betting activities allowed making a profit of one million dollars. Sanders Segal worked together with his son Sydney Bruce Segal, whose job of manager at Lucky Lady Casino allowed him to launder illegal money via the card room.
The investigating authorities were obliged to take advantage of undercover agents to prove that the card room was used in illegal betting schemes. 
The case discussed above is not unique in the world of gambling in California. It was also reported that the Hawaiian Gardens Casino had been forced to pay $2.8 million as fines. In addition, the Normandie Casino had to pay $2.3 million. The authorities also fined the Oaks Card Club for $650,000,000.
Lucky Lady Casino and Card Room is a gambling facility located near downtown of San Diego on El Cajon Boulevard. It offers different kinds of poker, blackjack, as well as other table games, including baccarat and pai gow, to customers. If gamblers become hungry while playing, they may take a meal at the restaurant or drink a couple of cocktails at the bar. 
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