Just eight players now stay in conflict for the trophy, title and lion's offer of the HK$7.129 million prize pool in the Poker King Cup Macau 2017 Main Event. The 490 beginning passages had been diminished to 63 when play continued for Day 3 at the Venetian Macau, with the greater part of the rest of the players ensured a payday of in any event HK$26,000. 

The activity was unglued from the get-run with a huge number of early disposals. Alex Lee, Wei Guoliang and Yah Loon Lim – the previous Day 1A, 1B and 1C leaders, individually – all fell by the wayside as play advanced. Different notables who couldn't go all the way incorporated Denmark's Frederik Farrington, Macau's Sam Cheong and Hong Kong's Justin Chan, with the disposal of the last setting up a redraw for the last three tables. 

It took 10 tiresome one-hour levels to whittle the 63-in number field down to the official 8-gave Poker King Cup Macau Main Event Final Table, with previous Day 2 leader Anson Tsang falling at the last obstacle to finish off the day. Tsang started play with a sizable chip lead of 1.1 million – 210,000 more than next nearest match Weizhou Zha. The Hong Kong player expanded this still further with the disposal of Lim Yohwan after the Korean player made a not well coordinated feign in a clash of the blinds with ten-high halfway as the day progressed. 

Sadly for Yohwan, Tsang had floundered trip eights and decided to send the Korean to the rail in 39th place. That gigantic pot saw Tsang move to 2 million in chips; more than twofold that of next nearest equal Longyun Li. Tsang expanded this still further to move to the jazzed statures of 3.1 million as play came down to the last three tables. In any case, a slip against China's Zhong Yuan Hang when there were two tables left observed Tsang get every one of the chips in on the tumble with a lord high flush draw on an ace-high board in a three-wager pot. Hang decided with ace-ruler, which held to make some real progress on Tsang's stack and expose the diversion and see China's Longyun Li grab the lead. 

Wang's exit was by a wide margin the most staggering, with the Chinese player moving holding nothing back for the remainder of his chips with pocket fives and running into Longyun Li's pocket sixes. Li spiked a set on the slump and enhanced to quads on the waterway to send Wang to the rail in eleventh for a HK$102,000 payday and set up the informal 10-gave last table. The primary setback of the informal last table was the heartbreaking Alex Shen Zheng, who ran his pocket jacks into the pocket aces of Li – who was sitting in the last place anyone would want to be for an expansive piece of the day – to additionally broaden the Chinese player's lead. 

It took an about a further three hours of play before Tsang's takeoff, with Li holding the lead all through until the last hand. Tsang's fortunes had wound down as the day advanced and he had turned into the second most brief stack. At the point when the end came it was sudden and after the activity collapsed around to Tsang on the catch he got the remainder of his chips in with expert ten and was beaten into the pot by little visually impaired Zhong Yuan Hang holding pro jack. Hang matched his jack to send Tsang slamming out of the competition, catch the chip lead and close the day in a single killer blow.

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