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Today we will examine a software for playing roulette with the aggressive name "Roulette Interceptor" Its creator promises that it will give everyone an opportunity to "make money when playing roulette, win and succeed".

Regular readers of Casinoz know how skeptical we are in respect to such statements. Roulette Interceptor did not make us to change our opinion. We will share our impressions of the program with you, and you can make conclusions for yourself.

A few words about the author

We just can not resist not telling you briefly about the author of Roulette Interceptor. It is a charismatic Spanish computer engineer Manuel Bely. Information about him is taken from the official website, but we are not sure if it's true. It is possible that he is as real as Eugene Schultz and Alexander Friedmann. (However the e-mails are of someone else.)

Mr. Bely is an avid fan of roulette. He played it in almost all Spanish casinos, visited casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other countries many times. For six years he struggled with finding out the secrets of roulette. The result of his research is developing the Roulette Interceptor.

Apparently, Manuel has realized that selling software makes more real money on the Internet than playing in the casino.

Claimed capabilities of Roulette Interceptor

At the official website, the author of the program enthusiastically promised mountains of gold to anyone who will buy this product. He says that he has disclosed the secrets of roulette, about his professional experience, usage of various proven systems and so on. In general, a standard set of promotional nonsense for people who do not know a lot about roulette.

The developer says that the program can be used both in real and online casinos, because "it has techniques and tricks of the roulette studied by the professional player with the years of practical experience". That is, he allegedly managed to cope with the task, all mathematicians of the world were powerless against - how to win at roulette.

The program is offered in English and Spanish, but its interface is intuitive, and anyone who is familiar with the terms of roulette can understand it.

It is simple. There is a field at the right. You click on the latest winning numbers and Roulette Interceptor analyzes them and gives you a clue where and how much to bet on. It can be incorporated into the program to activate the system of bets on Horses, Sectors and Enigma.

The program keeps statistics of the winning numbers and has some settings. Needless to say, the author recommends some casinos to play in.

Real capabilities of Roulette Interceptor

Short testing this program is enough to understand that it has no secrets, unique techniques and generally something interesting and useful. It offers to bet on numbers that have not dropped out yet and gradually increase bets. So Roulette Interceptor is just a progression with a variety of automated functions.

We have repeatedly told about the fact that every spin on the roulette wheel is not connected with other launches of the ball,, so we will not repeat it again. We also explained why betting systems are useless too. Roulette secrets is a baseless nonsense.

Moreover, we published a translation of the article "Betting systems and casino advantage", written by the American professor of mathematics Eliot Jacobson. It is clearly shows that this game has any progression - negative or positive.

If you are interested about truth, there is more than enough materials. If you want to be deceived and believe in miracles, you can buy such programs. By the way, the trial version of Roulette Interceptor is available and the price of a full-featured program is forty seven euros.

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