Physical Systems for Roulette. Part 2: Roulette Computers.

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Roulette computers are electronic devices that can predict where a ball lands. They calculate the wheel, ball and its slowdown speed to determine the approximate winning sector of the roulette wheel. The traditional roulette computers do the same things as those that should be done while using visual ballistics, but they predict more accurately. Roulette computers are surely the quickest and most effective way to beat the house at roulette. There are many kinds of roulette computers, but most of them are too simple and help customers to win just when casinos use old and worn roulette wheels. A very small number of roulette computers show high accuracy while using on modern roulette wheels.
Roulette Computers
We want to warn our readers before we start plunging into this topic:

The portal neither recommends nor approves the use of devices that can cheat casinos, although roulette computers are absolutely legal in half of the world's legislations. This article is intended for informational purposes only.

Are Roulette Computers Indeed Effective?

We want to offer you two stories proving the efficiency of roulette computers.

  • Ritz Team

In 2004, a team composed of three professional gamblers won 1.3 million pounds at Ritz Casino in London with the help of a laser scanner and a computer disguised as a mobile phone. On the first day they won 100 thousand. The second day brought them 1.2 million pounds. So, the administration finally paid attention to them after this victory. Gamblers were arrested directly in the casino. The gambling house filed a lawsuit against them, but the Court decided that the defendants had not affected the ball and wheel motion, so their victory had been legal. The winning remained with the team, since its members had not violated any law.

  • László Kovács

László Kovács was arrested in 2005 at Star City Casino in Australia for cheating at roulette. A small computer was hidden in his shoe. It could be activated by tapping his foot. By tapping his foot under the roulette table, Kovács was able to obtain data concerning the wheel speed. He used this information to calculate what number might come up in the next spin.
Roulette Computers
László Kovács won roughly $200,000 before the staff noticed that he was winning very frequently. Although, according to employees of the casino, they originally paid attention to tapping. Apparently, he was tapping his foot under the roulette table in order to be able to get information on the ball and wheel speed when the administration noticed him. László was accused of cheating and was arrested by the Australian police. The search revealed a shoe-based computer and wireless headset. In accordance with the Australian legislation László Kovács was deported from the country. However he was not convicted and he kept his winnings.

How Do Roulette Computers Operate?
You may find roulette computers to be too complicated equipment. In fact, most of them are very simple. Three things are necessary to provide their operations:


1. Dominant diamonds

The ball almost always bounces off some deflectors more frequently than others. Such deflectors are called dominant diamonds. They can be found almost on each wheel. You can easily check this fact by visiting a casino: despite the ball speed, it will land on the dominant diamond more frequently. The appearance of dominant diamonds is usually associated by insignificant defects of the ball track, and casinos are not able to prevent their development.


2. Predictable bouncing off

A ball never bounces off absolutely randomly. If you know where it has fallen down from the ball track, you have a reasonable idea where it will land. There is no need to guess each time. It is enough to provide even a relative accuracy in order to gain advantage over the house.


3. Time required for getting predictions

To predict a winning number, a computer has to know the ball and wheelhead speed. Depending on the computer, it may take a few seconds. The calculated prediction is sent wirelessly to an earpiece, hidden in the ear. The task of gamblers is to place a bet before a dealer pronounces "No more bets!".
Roulette Computers
Now we are going to discuss the simplest possible algorithm that is used by almost all roulette computers. In computers designed in the most common way, it is necessary to press at certain reference points in order to allow the computer to predict where the ball will land.

  1. A croupier firstly spins a wheel and throws a ball.
  2. Then a roulette computer should determine the ball and wheel speed. Only after that it will be able to predict a winning number. While using most computers, gamblers should press a hidden button every time when the ball reaches the dominant deflector and zero. This allows the computer to calculate the ball and wheel speed at that moment. Roulette computers are never held in hands or in the public eye. Customers usually hide them under their clothes or in their pockets. The button is usually hidden under the clothes or in shoes. Users can also disguise it under their thumbs. It has been reported that buttons can be placed in gaps between the teeth. Actually, it should be convenient to push the button, because it is necessary to press it regularly, and if you obtain the wrong data, your predictions will be inaccurate. In addition, you should be able to press it without drawing attention.
  3. Having taken into account all parameters and calculated the outcome, the roulette computer predicts the winning number. This information is sent to the gambler wirelessly to an earpiece. The earpiece seems to be the basic current way of signal transduction. However there are also other techniques (for example, vibration).
  4. Then the gambler places a bet. Most gamblers stake not only on the predicted number but also on the adjacent numbers to cover the entire sector. After all, the computer can make mistakes. However if everything is measured correctly, the ball should land at least close to the predicted pocket, so it is better to cover the entire sector than just a single number. Keep in mind that as soon as the dealer spins a ball, you have approximately 15 seconds to obtain a prediction and place your bet before the croupier stops accepting bets. Practice in real land-based casinos is required to place bets without any mistakes in the future.

Roulette Computers
Users of roulette computers win insignificant amounts every day. However casinos tend to hide this information, since it is unfavorable for them. Casino owners are well aware of roulette computers, but they cannot get rid of them without sacrificing revenues from casual gamblers who do not use computers. To be sure, if a gambler wins too much and too fast, he or she will draw unwanted attention, despite the fact whether he or she is using the roulette computer or not.


Is It Easy to Use Roulette Computers?

An ordinary average person requires about an hour of practice to beat the house at roulette. There's nothing complicated about mastering this system. Your main task is to press the hidden button without appearing to do so every time when the ball passes by a fixed reference point on the wheel. It's even easier than to learn how to use your new phone.


Are Roulette Computers Legal?

Roulette computers are legal in roughly half of casinos. This is observed due to the fact that the legislations of most counties define cheating as "an action that affects the outcome." However roulette computers do not affect the outcomes of spins. They just predict them. It does not matter whether you are using roulette computers legally or not. Casinos may always blacklist you, even if you are an angel with wings. None of the casinos will tolerate constantly winning gamblers. The way that you use to win does not make any difference.

Taking into consideration the incident at Ritz Casino and some other sensational winnings in British casinos, the UK Government research laboratory tested the basic version of a roulette computer to determine whether it could beat the house at roulette or not. The tested computer was provided by a casino consultant. It was unable to change the ball speed.

It was found that even the basic version of the roulette computer can gain advantage over the house. If it is able to constantly take into account changes in the ball speed, the advantage is even higher. These devices are still legal both in the United Kingdom and many other countries.


Roulette computers are legal in half of the casinos, but you can still be blacklisted for using them, since all casinos do not like winners and may ban you for any artificial reason or even without reasons. However the casinos try to be more cunning: if they have noticed that you are using an electronic device, they do not prohibit it but try to make it more difficult to win.

For example, if a player always wins, placing call bets, a dealer will stop accepting bets earlier. The croupier can also try to change either the ball speed or the wheelhead speed. It is also possible to replace the ball. Such a preventive behavior is called countermeasures. That is why roulette computers are usually hidden under the clothes and you should use them discretely, i.e. you should win only small sums at various casinos.

In this way, gambling houses lose millions of dollars each year, and roulette computers seem to be a serious problem for them. Many casinos hire consultants who can help them to find those who are using computers. However professional teams keep easily bypassing such countermeasures.


How to Avoid Drawing Attention to Yourself?

If you use any roulette system that really allows you to beat the house, your winning is limited only by an amount with which the casino will let you go. In other words, if the employees notice your constant winnings, they will not allow you to win forever in one or the other way. Therefore, it is very important to professional gamblers to go unnoticed. Readers can find below some tips on how to avoid drawing attention. However this list of possible measures is not full.
Roulette Computers

  1. Do not win too much. If you win $1,000-$2,000 per week, the staff will keep an eye on you only if you are the only gambler at the small casino.
  2. Keep in mind that you are under video surveillance. Therefore, all your actions can be carefully evaluated later.
  3. Never sign up for loyalty programs or bonuses. They allow employees of the casino to see your winnings.
  4. You should always play at the occupied table. The more players are sitting at the table, the less attention will be paid to you. However you should avoid the overcrowded tables, because the croupier will spin a wheel less frequently.
  5. Don’t wear provocatively colored clothes. Don’t help the staff to remember you. You should be dressed like an average visitor.
  6. Apart form roulette, you should play other games of chance. If you play a few games and lose a little everywhere, the casino administration will find you to be a typical average gambler.
  7. If you make some notes, you should use sheets of paper provided by the staff. Try to cipher information while making notes.
  8. Try to memorize faces of employees and their shifts. If today you see the same employees who were in the casino yesterday, they also can notice you. So, try to gamble with different employees.
  9. You should not be too friendly with the staff, since this may be striking. However there are exceptions. You may tip dealers, but you should never tip pit bosses or representatives of the security staff, since they are those who can cause trouble for you. In fact, most croupiers don’t mind if you win. Actually, their money is safe and they would like to see happy customers, especially taking into account the fact that happy visitors can tip them generously. Moreover, dealers may even help you without appearing to do so, provided that this will be without risk. However keep in mind that each casino has at least one employee whose task is to make sure that you are losing your money. Usually you cannot notice him, since such surveillance agents don’t leave the surveillance room and keep an eye on gamblers via monitors.


Is It Possible to Purchase a Roulette Computer?

Such devices are quite widespread on the Internet. The lowest price for the simplest computer is $500. Roulette computers can also cost $10,000 and $50,000. We are not going to recommend that you should buy one or the other device. However we want to warn you: if you decide to purchase such a device, you can face a problem. There are a lot of fraudsters who are selling fake roulette computers.

roulette cheating

Their algorithm is very simple. Any more or less experienced technician is able to create a simple roulette computer that costs $50, call it "the best computer in the world", and start selling it for thousands of dollars. As a result, most of them are able to operate only when roulette wheels have defective fragments that allow a ball to bounce off in a quite predictable way. A few roulette computers can beat the modern wheels at real casinos.

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