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The large modern casino operating in the vast worldwide network offer customers hundreds of virtual slot machines. The range of some institutions includes models of the same manufacturer, and other sites make it possible to play for free and for money on the video slots of several brands at the same time.

We recommend you not to limit yourself by games from the same company, because every day more and more little-known studios arise, producing amazing casino slot machines with:

  • great graphics,
  • incredible feature set,
  • high theoretical payback,
  • large payouts.

If these slots are presented in a solid casino that you trust, they can be played without fear, even if you the name of the company that issued them says you nothing.

A lot has been said about the advantages of online slots, so we will repeat it again. You will also find on the Portal Casinoz detailed explanations why it is impossible to win slot machines.

But still it is possible to achieve better results, and the first step towards improving the performance of the game should be getting acquainted with the general principles of slots working.

How are designed virtual slot machines?

Online slots that are used in the online casinos have almost nothing in common with their ancestors - the first mechanical slot machines. The current model s are computer programs working on the basis ofrandom number generator. Principles of its action are discussed in details in a separate article on Casinoz.

Some users believe that the name random number generator is wrong. They argue that it is possible to calculate the theoretical results, which are produced by the most number of the generators, as they are based on some algorithm (even very complicated), and therefore they should be called pseudo-random number generators.

We even met the distributors of software, which can supposedly to calculate the work of random number generator, although even a superficial acquaintance with such fakes was enough to understand their uselessness.

All the world's leading experts in the field of online gambling are of the opinion that, in practical terms, unraveling the principles of random number generators of well-known brands is impossible. Therefore, we will share this point of view, as long as we get strong evidences of the opposite opinion.

Reels in the online slot machine

Reels that are rotating on the screen of virtual gambling machines are nothing more than a tribute to tradition. Actually, more and more models appear in which the reels are replaced with some other forms. But most players are conservative, so manufacturers of online gambling continue to create video slots that resemble real machines of slot rooms.

But you need to understand that this is only the way to display the number that gives the random number generator.

Nowadays the most frequent video slots are with five reels, although it is also quite common three-reeled models created in the image and likeness of the classic slot machines.

Symbols in video slots

The set of symbols depicted on the reels of slot machines is determined usually by the subject of the given model. Naturally, if a slot is about Egypt, the pyramids and pharaohs will be present for sure. As additional images are often used numbers and letters indicating the denomination of playing cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A).

About special characters endowed with additional features (Wild, Scatter, Bonus, and so on), you can read the separate articles in a special section of the portal Casinoz. The diversity of their functions is really impressive.

  • Free spins,
  • bonus rounds,
  • special icons,
  • other options

If it is not a classic slot machine with three reels and one - three lines, for sure it will be some additional features apart from the usual combinations. Most often in the video slots there are risky chances gambling, free spins, additional payments multipliers and various themed bonus rounds.

They are usually briefly explained in the pay table of the gambling machine. A more detailed information about each model and its options look in the Help section or in the reviews on Casinoz.

Here we will not even begin to list the possible options, because their quantity is immense.

You should be aware that the presence of a large variety of functions does not always make a slot machine really beneficial for the player. The main criterion which can help you to evaluate the game from a practical point of view is a theoretical rate of payout.

Payout percentage of slot machines

Each online video slot has one or other component of the theoretical payout, which is expressed as a percentage and indicates how much of the total amount of made bets is returned to the players. Nowadays optimal rate of payout is considered to be at least 95%, although there are models with 98% or higher. A small percentage, which remains an institution, is called the casino advantage percentage.

Naturally, this index appears on a long stretch of the game. How long is hard to say (or rather, it is hardly possible).

Many manufacturers provide this information officially, that pleases the most pragmatic customers.

Jackpots in online slot machines

In reviews of video slots that are published on the portal Casinoz, we call jackpots only cumulative sums that grow with every bet and are played in accordance with the established rules. For them, the term progressive jackpots is used.

The largest winnings in combinations don't belong to this category and are considered as maximum payout ratio.

Progressive jackpots are usually played simultaneously on all the video slots of the same model, working in various casinos. They are linked by a network, so that the size of the jackpot can be in the millions, but the probability of winning is negligible. Is it worth to chase it is up to you.

Such jackpots can be multileveled. For example, it may be simultaneously four different sizes so one of them is quite realistic to be won. As a rule, video slots with progressive jackpots rate return less than conventional models.

Automatic mode of the game in video slots

Almost all online slot machines allow you to select the bet and run autoplay mode, where the spins will go one after another without user intervention. Casino is advantageous because this practice accelerates the game, which means that the machine will take more embedded casino advantage percentage.

Client doesn't receive any practical benefit from auto play, so we will not recommend it to you. This is nothing more than a matter of convenience and personal preference. One thing is clear: if you want to prolong the pleasure of playing in a casino, it is better to do everything manually.

Custom settings of online slot machines

Many modern models of slot machines have sections with parameters. There quality of graphics may be established; you can disable various audio items, indicate the display unit balance, activate a quick spin, and so on.

In some models, the control panels have two modes: normal and advanced. They differ in a set of keys and information windows. Autoplay can also have a number of options.

Original features of slots from different manufacturers

Of course, every well-known manufacturer of gambling machines is trying to make his models not only exciting and colorful, but also easily recognized. This is accomplished using the same control panel of similar design, the presence of the same configurations and some other methods.

For example, once you saw a slot machine from Net Entertainment, you would recognize them on a set of controls. Three-dimensional video slots from BetSoft are memorized for a long time due to 3D-graphics. In general, it is enough to test a little new products from major brands, and you can easily learn how to understand them.


Now when you have the basic information about slot machines of online casinos, you can further investigate the features of their functions, and clarify for yourself some of the other aspects of the game.

Let us recall that the majority of video slots are allowed testing in a free mode, than should be used for sure before you start playing for money. Almost all the models that are considered on Casinoz, can be tested directly on our portal without registering.

Good luck to you in your attempts to turn the luck around while playing online slots.

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