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Much has been said that blackjack is worth playing, following the basic strategy and even better, with card counting, but even this does not always help to get up from the table as a winner. In certain hands, when, for example, the score is almost always negative, and the basic strategy completely loses it's luck. In such cases, you can preserve and possibly even increase your bankroll with a competent bets policy. There is a whole system for different points of the game to bet on, but first you need to understand the basic provisions. Besides, they do not contradict to any existing systems of effective bets. Most of them are universal and relate to any game.

Let's start with the basic rules, non-compliance with them sooner or later leads to a complete financial, psychological and emotional collapse.

Only play with money that you can afford to lose

If you allow yourself to sit at the table with the money that is intended for other purposes, that do not belong to you and even lose them, it will hit your state, you automatically exclude yourself from the category of intelligent and rational players. Each distribution is sharply losing beat on your nerves. All your thoughts will revolve solely around money. This will inevitably lead to a decrease in concentration, error-prone and very likely lead to the loss. Whatever strong nerve the player may have, using money that you can not spend leaves a negative impact on the quality of the game.

Some players consider the amount they sat at the table with as already lost. Say, so money are played less painfully. It is difficult to say how effective it is, because they are configured for a particular result. Perceiving the situation in such a way they doom themselves to defeat and are subconsciously afraid of risking and do unnecessary actions.

But in any case, you have to be mentally and financially prepared for the loss of money you are playing today with. Take only that amount, and do not even let yourself think about credits, debts and so on. This is a direct path to bankruptcy. Moreover, it should be noted that the most sensible managers do not give loans to gamblers, even if they can return money. They are guided by the principle set out in the proverb "You can shear a sheep many times, and tear off the skin - only once." Think about it.

Do not try to recoup at any cost the same day

Often a small loss turns, ultimately, into the loss of a huge amount. And it's all because the player for many hours was teying to get a plus. As a result, he was tired, played wrong and lost even more. The reason is that blackjack is not as poker with big combinations, you can not catch one room on roulette. The result in this game is built by successive games, logical calculation and skillful bet management in the process. Therefore, the longer you play, the harder it gets to make the right decisions, not to mention counting cards. If you feel tired, it is better to stay on a small amount of loss than increase it repeatedly in futile attempts to win. It is also completely wrong to unreasonably raise bets only for a reason that you need to win. Increasing bets should be based on the situation developing in the game.

Bring the amount which will be sufficient for the game, and do not exceed it

Of course, it is impossible to name a specific amount, but players usually take amount equivalent to no less than fifty nets they are going to play. But in this case delayed for many hours in the casino, they do not gather. Otherwise, if you're not lucky in the beginning, you risk quickly stay without chips. However we repeat that this amount depends on many factors: how aggressively you bet, how much time you plan to spend in the casino, you use tracking or counting cards and so on. In any case, if you have to think it over and determine the amount you can lose today and stop as soon as it happened.

If you are not sure that you can handle any situation and control yourself, do not bring into casino checkbooks and credit cards, you can withdraw money from even at night.

Do not let your emotions get the better of the game. Discretion, cool and sober mind guarantee that you are not totally bankrupt.

Treat chips as money

The main mistake made by many players is that colored plastic chips they are given in cash in exchange for money, they consider more carelessly than cash. This is the main reason that the casino does not play at the table with real money. Of course, it is also more convenient, but if human psychology was arranged reverse way, no one would think of comfort. In short, never forget that the chips is your money.

Find the strength to go away with a win

If in losing a fixed amount and termination of the game everything is clear, then determining when to get up from the table with a win is possible not for everyone. At this point you need to develop appropriate tactics strictly follow it. You can set any subtotals not to fall below. For example, set aside each won fifty dollars, then do not to touch them under any pretext. The main thing is not to establish some huge amount, some manage to win once in ten years. The proverb "greed causes poverty" was invented many years ago, and it works till now.

In general, remember that a game should be fun. Even if it has become your job, do not turn it into a routine. Take necessary breaks, go on vacation, think about your health.

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