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In this article, we will continue discussing dealers' mistakes raised in our previous publications on Casinoz. We'll talk about where, when, and under what circumstances dealers make more mistakes. This will help you find the best spot for the game in any casino.

How Can You Increase the Chances of the Dealer's Mistake?

Try to play at the beginning or end of the dealer's shift. In the first case, they still have to tune into the working routine and give up personal problems; in the second – they are tired, which increases the chances of mistakes.

Choosing the Playing Cards

Many casino visitors prefer to play with new decks. It is primarily reasonable for plastic cards. When new, they are very slippery, and many novice dealers manage them poorly.

You have no reason to ask to change the deck with cardboard cards, where they have been for too long. It increases the chances of the dealer's mistakes because it makes him focus on the deal.

Rushing the Dealer

If there is no one else but you and the dealer at the table, try to raise the pace, but make sure it does not negatively impact your game's quality.

Do not forget that dealers are humans, and such factors as stuffy indoors, high atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, and so on, affect their health.

Do not let the dealer work in a comfortable environment.

Distract him with questions on subjects that make him calculate, do math in his head, and think. For example, it may be a question about any large payment by the "uncomfortable" bet. Let him calculate anything but the amount of your win. But do not overdo it. If you are distracting the dealer too obviously, it will cause suspicion.

To make the dealer subconsciously perceive your bet not so serious, bet chips of different values and place the smallest on top. Also, this will make them do more mental calculations.

Interfering in the Dealer's Work

In blackjack, you can try a trick with an approving smile at an equal score on your and the dealer's hands, or even when your's are one point lower. The idea is that the dealer thinks you won when he sees your positive reaction. You have the best chances with four or more cards on the box.

If you see the dealer is weak in counting, you can start helping him.

Count correctly, but when there is no one next to you, try to call a score in your favor. Once this trick is revealed (most often, it happens at the first or second attempt), apologize and give it up.

If you have three or more cards and 12 in your hand, jokingly ask the dealer about a 10. Dealing a 10, he may subconsciously decide you hit 21. Even if the mistake comes out, it will look like you've been sincerely mistaken. Similarly, you can ask for any card that scores you 22, hoping the dealer mistakes and considers them for 21.

Incredibly, sometimes croupiers pay for losing combinations just because a player acts like a winner: cries of joy, throws up his hands, and the like. Never underestimate the impact of your behavior on the dealer.

Other methods

Some players do not hesitate to bring up the unpleasant smell (garlic or tobacco) to make the dealer, especially if it's a girl, turn away a little faster or get done with your box and move on to other players. It's up to you how reasonable it is.

If you see that the dealer for some reason hasn't not put a good card in the deck and left it outside the shoe, don't hurry to remind them about it.

It happened when the dealer dealt cards to the end, not thinking where the high one was. What kind of benefit you can get from this if you count cards is obvious.

If you notice the dealer made a mistake paying by the uncomfortable bet, stick to this amount in the future. He might repeat it again and again. It works in many games, including blackjack, poker, and roulette. The author of these lines saw a roulette dealer who hit the same number 3 times in a row and incorrectly paid the bet all the time.

More Tips for Players

Finally, we should remind you that we do not encourage using such tricks in the articles published on Casinoz. Moreover, we warn you that if you're provoking the dealer's mistakes too hard, your reputation in the casino will be irrevocably tarnished after a while. From now on, you will have to play with the most experienced dealers and under the supervision of the inspector and pit boss.

You can use the dealer's errors, but it should be a part of your overall strategy, not a goal.

You better stick to the following concepts of the advantage game:

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Frequently asked Questions

👩‍💼 Do casino dealers ever make mistakes?

Yes, they do. Moreover, even experienced dealers can make blunders, and you can use them in your favor. 

🙋‍♀️ Can a player use dealer's mistakes for his purpose?

A player can always remain silent when the dealer makes a mistake in his favor.

👨‍💼 Can I provoke dealer's mistakes?

There are legal ways to force dealers' mistakes. 

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