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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world. You can play it in almost all land-based casinos. Of course, such a big love of blackjack among the players could not lead to anything but creating numerous variations of this game.

Rare Blackjack Types

This is especially true in the online casinos that offer blackjacks with unusual and often quite bold changes in the rules that may seem attractive. As a result, some players stop playing classic blackjack games and choose new ones.

But in practice, they usually lose a lot more than they win.

Casinoz tries to keep the readers from reckless behavior, so we will discuss two kinds of blackjack widely offered at online casinos and see why you should not be getting involved in this too much.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a popular version of the game played on two hands. The player has a unique opportunity to switch the cards between them.

blackjack switch

For example, he got 6 and then 10 on the one hand. 16 poses a dilemma. Standing is risky because the dealer will win in any case unless he busts. Taking another card is also dangerous because exceeding 21 is more than likely.

Meanwhile, the player has 9 and 3, on the other hand, which results in 12. It also can not be attributed to the good cards. In this case, exchanging cards between the boxes suggests itself, resulting in 9 and 19. The player does not doubt further actions: he calls on the first hand and stands on the second.

It means the blackjack switch has an undeniable advantage for the player, which is hard to miss and impossible to deny. But you have to pay quite a high price for this opportunity.

  • First, when the dealer scores 22, he does not lose. In this case, it is a draw (the only exception is blackjack on the player's hand). This fact alone increases the house's edge by almost 10%.
  • Blackjack is not paid 3:2 to the player, but 1:1, which increases the house edge by a couple of percents.

Of course, an opportunity to exchange cards between hands equalizes these unfavorable rules. But the overall house edge in blackjack switch is much higher than in the classic version. On the long stretch, blackjack switch fans have no chance to stay in the black.

Should you resist the temptation to switch the card between the hands if, in the end, it does nothing in terms of benefits but even worsens the position of the player? Of course, you should.

Double Exposure

The name of this blackjack speaks for itself. Dealer's cards are dealt face up. This simplifies the player's task considerably.

double exposure blackjack

You've probably already guessed that it should be balanced for the casino. Let's see what happens:

  • Blackjack is paid 1:1.
  • The dealer always wins with an equal score unless the player has a blackjack.

Despite particular strategies developed for these types of blackjack, action tips for different situations won't help you reduce the house edge like in classic blackjack.


If you want to add variety to your passion for blackjack, do it in a free mode first. Most online casinos provide it. At least do not bet large amounts. For serious bets, you better choose only proven games.

Frequently asked Questions

🍀 Are unique blackjacks very rare?

No, many producers release signature blackjacks with original rules.

💎 What should I pay attention to playing unique blackjacks?

First, check out the return to the player and house edge.

🔥 What is the right way to play rare varieties of blackjack?

You should find an optimal strategy for each unique blackjack. Fortunately, blackjack professionals have developed strategies for most games.

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