Three Wheeler
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Three Wheeler Review

The wheel marked with numbers and even inscriptions is used in many games of chance. The most famous of them is roulette. The wheel of fortune and similar games are also very widespread.

This review deals with a very unusual novelty released by Microgaming, which is called Three Wheeler. The game is a cross between roulette and wheel of fortune.

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How to Play Three Wheeler

Three Wheeler is a free online arcade game released by Microgaming. It uses three vertically arranged wheels of different diameters and the betting field. All four wheels have six sectors numbered from one to six.
In each round, there are three winning numbers (one for each wheel), which come up opposite to the arrow located at the top.
The aim of Three Wheeler is to predict the winning numbers and make the appropriate bets.
They can be of the following types (indicated with multipliers):

  • Single (one a single number) - x2 (on one wheel), x3 (on two wheels), x13 (one three wheels)
  • Double (on two numbers) - x12
  • Treble (on three numbers) - x32
  • Specific Treble (on three special numbers) - x181
  • Total 4 (on 4 points) - x63
  • Total 5 (on 5 points) - x32
  • Total 6 (on 6 points) - x19
  • Total 7 (on 7 points) - x13
  • Total 8 (on 8 points) - x9
  • Total 9 (on 9 points) - x8
  • Total 10 (on 10 points) -x7
  • Total 11 (on 11 points) - x7
  • Total 12 (on 12 points) - x8
  • Total 13 (on 13 points) - x9
  • Total 14 (on 14 points) - x13
  • Total 15 (on 15 points) - x19
  • Total 16 (on 16 points) - x32
  • Total 17 (on 17 points) - x63
  • Two Number Combination (on any combination made up of two numbers) - x7
  • Big Total (on the total score from 11 to 17) - x2
  • Small Total (on the total score from 4 to 10) - x2

Big Total and Small Total always lose if three identical numbers come up.
The range of bets starts from one dollar, and the highest amounts are different for various types of bets (up to one hundred dollars).

Three Wheeler Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts in Three Wheeler.


Progressive jackpots are not provided.

Three Wheeler Interface

There are three wheels in the middle of the screen in Three Wheeler. The fields for bets
are located from both sides of them. Bets can be placed using the mouse. There are several buttons in the control panel:

  • Spin is used to spin the reels
  • Clear allows removing all chips
  • Undo allows removing all bets
  • Redo is used to return all made bets
  • View Payout is used to view multipliers

The windows Bet and Win display information about the total bet and payout amount.


Three Wheeler will surely be interesting to all fans of unusual games. It differs from roulette in the presence of three wheels, which provides an opportunity to make combined bets on two or three numbers, as well as the bet on the total score.

Play Three Wheeler in Casino for Real Money

Three Wheeler is available at Crazy Vegas Casino and other establishments running on software from Microgaming. Almost all of them allow users to play both for real money and in free mode. Three Wheeler is available without registration in free mode on the site Casinoz.

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