Texas hold'em is a very exciting poker game, but not all of its fans like to play against each other. Many of them prefer to find the dealer in the role of the opponent. Numerous variations of poker have been developed for them. They have kept the basic rules for hold'em, but have acquired the characteristics that make them completely different.

The rules for many of them provide the opportunity to make side bets or receive bonus payouts. Experts from Microgaming's have gone even further. They created Triple Action Hold'em Poker in which you can make two side bets, and bonuses are paid out for an ante.


Play Triple Action Hold’em Poker

Triple Action Hold'em Poker is a version of online poker manufactured by Microgaming that is based on Texas hold'em. The range of bets varies from one to one hundred dollars (for example, at Spin Palace Casino).
A 28-card deck (eights and higher) is used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each deal. The goal of the game is to collect a higher hand than the opponent using two pocket and three community cards. Unlike the classic hold'em, only three cards are laid on the table.
The gameplay occurs in the following way:
  • The customers make bets (an ante is obligatory, side bets are optional).
  • The customer and the dealer receive two pocket cards. The croupier faces up one his card.
  • The client decides whether he should keep playing by making a side bet that is equal to the ante on the field Play or not.
  • Then three community cards are faced up and hands are compared to each other.
  • Then all winning bets are paid (ante and side bets).

Payouts are made if the dealer has at least a pair of nines:

  • If the player's hand is higher in rank and the dealer has a hand, the ante and play are paid 1:1.
  • If the dealer's hand is higher in rank, the player loses both bets.
  • If the dealer does not have a hand, only the ante is paid.
  • If the hands are equal, the draw is announced.

Triple Action Hold'em Poker also provides bonuses, which are paid out for the ante, and side bets.
Triple Action Hold'em Poker offers two kinds of side bets that are placed on the fields Bonus and Flop. Both of them act independently of the ante or a dealer's hand. They win even if the basic bet is lost or folded. Users can make them individually.
The bonus bet wins if the player's five cards have a combination starting from two pairs. It is paid according to such multipliers:

  • Two pairs - 1:1
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • Straight - 6:1
  • Full house - 8:1
  • Four of a kind - 15:1
  • Flush - 25:1
  • Straight flush - 50:1
  • Royal flush - 100:1

It should be noted that a flush is considered to be a very high hand in Triple Action Hold'em Poker. Its value increases due to the fact that a small deck is used to play this game.
The flop bet wins if at least a pair of jacks or three-card straight, flush, three of a kind or straight flush is formed in three community cards (flop). It is paid according to the following multipliers:

  • Pair of jacks and higher - 1:1
  • Straight - 2:1
  • Flush - 4:1
  • Three of a kind - 10:1
  • Straight flush - 10:1
It is also necessary to take into account the unusual value of combinations.

Triple Action Hold’em Poker Bonus games

If the player's five cards allow forming one of the following combinations, he or she gets additional bonus payouts according to such multipliers:
  • Full house - 2:1
  • Four of a kind- 4:1
  • Flush - 6:1
  • Straight flush - 20:1
  • Royal flush - 50:1
Bonus payouts are not made if the player folds (does not play). The unusual ranks of combinations in Triple Action Hold'em Poker have been already mentioned above.


Triple Action Hold'em Poker does not have progressive jackpots.

Triple Action Hold’em Poker Interface

You can download Poker Triple Action Hold'em Poker for free with the rules in various languages if English is not your native language. This will help you to understand the features of this game, although sometimes the translation is quite unsuccessful. The brief description of the rules appears in pop-up menus when you hover the mouse cursor over the signs to the right and left of the virtual dealer.
In the settings users can select the game speed, turn off unwanted sound effects and automatize the gameplay. Triple Action Hold'em Poker also offers statistics.


Triple Action Hold'em Poker is a very exciting game that will be interesting to most fans of poker. At first glance, it seems complicated, but it is not true. The basic strategy of Texas hold'em is absolutely useless in this case. So, you have to develop you own strategy, taking into account all nuances or just play relying on your intuition.
The side bets are usually extremely unprofitable for users, but not in case of Triple Action Hold'em Poker. The smaller deck is used in it, so the combinations that are required to obtain payouts for these bets are frequently formed. In addition, the bonus for the ante is often paid out.

Where to play Triple Action Hold’em Poker for free or real money?

You will find Triple Action Hold'em Poker at many online casinos running on the platform from Microgaming. All of them allow players to test it for fun. Gamers can also play poker without registration directly on the site Casinoz.

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