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Up to 2008, RBK Money company was working as RUpay. It was founded by the group of Ukrainian and Russian developers in 2002. First letters of its old name meant Russia and Ukraine. The system was an integrator of different payment systems consolidating them in one place.

RBK Money doesn't provide any bank services to the customers, but it cooperates with many affiliative banks, which can make it. In 2008 the company became a member of RBK Holding and changed its name.

With help of RBK Money you can pay for goods and services in the web, pay mobile bills, utility bills, Internet and TV.

To pass the registration in RBK Money, you need to fill a special form and provide such information as your surname, name, e-mail address, password, payment password and answer for a select question.

The wallet can be filled in the following ways:

by other payment systems;

by bank card;

by bank transfer;

by money transfers;

by ATM.

The system suggests two types of wallets to the customers: standard and advanced. The second one is available to the customers who have provided information about their passports. They are provided with special privileges, such as:

low commissions for internal payments;

access to refund of unused funds;

higher limits for refill by bank cards;

access to currency exchange service. 

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