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This article deals with a betting system called 9-to-5 which is far from the most popular. It is for roulette and may be used in online and land-based establishments. The strategy is not very popular among gamblers since it requires a relatively big bankroll (approximately five hundred bets). However, users will spend this amount during a reasonably large number of spins in case of a prolonged unsuccessful session.

9-to-5 Strategy Description

So, what we are talking about.

The 9-to-5 betting strategy is a negative betting progression based on the sequential increase in bets after a loss and returning to the initial bet size in case of a victory.

Users should increase the bet size by one unit so that this strategy can hardly be considered too aggressive.

You need to have 493 initial bets. Therefore, if you start betting one dollar, this amount should equal $493. You will lose from two to sixteen dollars per round in case of such a limit. Make sure that this range is allowed by the rules of the table that you have selected for playing.

You should bet on straights. Bets of other types (splits, equal chances, etc.) are unsuitable.

9-to-5 Betting System Step by Step

Let's start with the determination of the number to bet on. Some gamblers choose it randomly, but fans of this betting system believe it is wrong. It is ostensibly necessary to bet on a number that appears twice in fifteen consecutive spins.


Then it would help if you staked on this number according to the pattern provided below. The first column shows the number of lost spins. The second column includes information about initial bets. You should start betting according to the 9-to-5 betting system as soon as you win.

  1. 27 spins - 2 bets
  2. 10 spins - 3 bets
  3. 8 spins - 4 bets
  4. 6 spins - 5 bets
  5. 6 spins - 6 bets
  6. 4 spins - 7 bets
  7. 4 spins - 8 bets
  8. 4 spins - 9 bets
  9. 3 spins - 10 bets
  10.   3 spins - 11 bets
  11.   3 spins - 12 bets
  12.   2 spins - 13 bets
  13. 2 spins - 14 bets
  14.   2 spins - 15 bets
  15. 2 spins - 16 bets

For example, you must bet two dollars in each first twenty-seven rounds if you take one dollar as a chip. You should wager three dollars in the next ten spins. It should be repeated until you win.

The authors don't mention what to do as soon as you have finished this strategy, considering that roughly ninety spins are unsuccessful. You should grieve after a loss and hope to win later.


Like any roulette betting system, the 9-to-5 betting strategy will not help you overcome the house edge. This means that it cannot increase the theoretical probability of positive outcomes. Read about this fact in the unique articles on Casinoz.

It provides the opportunity to regulate the gameplay, which is beneficial to many customers since unwise and uncontrolled betting often leads to the rapid loss of the entire bankroll and termination of the gameplay.

Pay attention to the principle that allows selecting the number to wager on. To be sure, recommendations for its selection do not make sense at online and land-based casinos with high-quality roulette wheels and professional dealers.

If the roulette wheel with some flaws is used, you may count on finding a number that comes up more frequently compared to the other numbers. Some players became rich thanks to the low-quality equipment.

We are looking forward to knowing your opinion about the 9-to-5 betting strategy.

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