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"There is a program strategy of card counting in blackjack, which breaks the bank ..." .

This is pompous description of Blackjack Sniper at blackjacksniper.com. Then there is a categorical statement that online blackjack can be beaten, and there's no doubt about it. Say, you just have to combine the ideal strategy with a pair of devices, implying a second this software.

People who are well versed in blackjack and have an idea about the online casino, probably already knew that we are talking about the next product, which creators promise impossible things. Indeed, Blackjack Sniper helps only to replenish it's developer on several tens of dollars per copy (the program costs $ 39.95).

Let's explain why.

What is Blackjack Sniper?

Detailed description of Blackjack Sniper is on the website of the developer - SniperSoftware LTD. It begins with a story about credit cards and incredible complexities associated with this process. We especially noticed the following phrase:

"As in roulette, in blackjack, to a particular strategy you need to strain your brain with colossal failures and so on. And in a situation when your miscalculations disappeared at the beginning? Have to start over, if by that time you will not lose all your money".

There is no mental effort when playing roulette. This is a separate issue. But "colossal failures" in blackjack - this is interesting. The idea that counting cards is only for genius mathematicians is actively cultivated in modern society, but it is completely untrue. This technique can be mastered by any person with the mediocre abilities. (Basic myths about credit cards are explained in the article "Misconceptions about card counting in blackjack" on Casinoz.)

But it is not so important. If a person wants to try, let him use this program. What's the problem? Counting cards in blackjack online is absolutely useless. This is also described in the article above. But we will briefly explain again.

It involves determining the concentration of beneficial for the player cards remaining in the deck. Considers the deck, still participating in the game, folded or the dealer's hand. The more cards are folded, the clearer situation for the counter. But in online blackjack ALL cards are shuffled before each hand. It turns out that you can count nothing.

However, if you carefully read the instructions for Blackjack Sniper, you can pay attention to this point:

"Card Counting - counting the cards in the deck. Uses an advanced method of card counting. In online casinos, this function does nothing in particular, but if you find a good live casino, then this function counts the cards remaining in the deck" .

In other words, the authors themselves admit that counting cards in an online casino is useless. You can expect nothing from live casinos too. Our article "Counting cards in online blackjack with live dealers" explains why.

So why use Blackjack Sniper?

Maybe it has some secrets?

In the description of Blackjack Sniper there is another mysterious phrase:

"The program uses the same algorithms and secrets of the game that most online casinos".

games in no honest online casino have algorithms. There is a random number generator, which deserves its name. And you have nothing to do in a fraudulent casino .

Similar stories about the secrets of the casino of software developers is a stunt, designed for beginners. And it is unclear what kind of algorithms, if the program was originally positioned as a helper in card counting.

What else is interesting about Blackjack Sniper?

In the extreme cases, the program could be used for the selection of the optimal basic strategy, but it is also no good. Blackjack Sniper does not consider nuances of the rules of blackjack varieties. It gives the same advice to all versions of the game.

The creators also warn potential buyers not to be greedy and win with Blackjack Sniper too much. After all, so they risk attracting attention of administrators. The program has a list of recommended casinos.

The authors promise that you will pay back Blackjack Sniper in ten or fifteen minutes, but we can only reply with a smile.


You can buy Blackjack Sniper only out of curiosity. If you do not mind to throwing away forty dollars. At least, you can personally make sure that it is useless.

Free version of Blackjack Sniper allows using it for an hour or twenty hands. This restriction seems very reasonable. After all, if you give testing a month or even a week, it will be clear what the product is not capable of these things.

In future publications of Casinoz we will tell about really useful apps for blackjack. Their developers do not promise mountains of gold, because such software is used to select the ideal strategy, training skills, card counting (if you want to play in a real casino), calculating the house edge, and so on. And such programs may by completely free.

Comments, reviews and questions are welcomed!

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