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In this article we review some different from classical rules of blackjack in different casinos. Usually the majority of standard deviations from the rules is beneficial for the player and introduced to attract new customers. Typically these variations are offered in virtual casinos because for them it is less risky than for onshore facilities. The simple fact is that counting cards in blackjack is impossible in the online casino, because each distribution starts with a full shoe. In land-based casinos counters minimize the mathematical advantage, and if the game is on the bonus rules overweight and get it on their side.

However it is not always so, and in some casinos you can find rules that increase the casino's mathematical advantage. We will list them.

Bonus for Team rules

We will start describing these rules from the rule when the dealer sets on all seventeen points it is possible to do double after split and the game has no less than six decks.

All versions of the rules are considered almost impossible, especially because they are constantly developed. Therefore, we will review the most common ones you can easily find in many online casinos along with the classic blackjack.

Blackjack payment at the rate of 2:1

As you know in the classic version of blackjack, a player is paid 3:2, and only black-jack side bets are sometimes paid 2:1. Some casinos change the rules and make payment on any blackjack 2:1. This is very advantageous for the players as it reduces the house edge to 2.25%. However we should note that this rule is often introduced when there are other variations from the classics not in favor of players.

Immediately when the player wins 21

In this rule 21 score on a box is considered advantageous and billed. The dealer starts to distribute cards, only if the game continues on other boxes. This option adds around 0.55 %to the player's chances of winning.

Rule of three sevens

Many casinos are not indifferent to the combination of three sevens and try to attach all sorts of bonuses and prizes to it. The blackjack was not left aside. There are versions of the game where twenty-one score of three sevens is paid as 2:1 or even 3:1. The bottle of champagne is often added as a bonnus. There are cases when in Russian casinos, a set of three sevens on the box had expensive prizes. For example in one of the casinos in Syktyvkar in the middle of the 2000s there was a campaign when a player with the three of hearts on the box seven, won the tenth model of Lada. However the rule was soon canceled (after over a short period of time there were two cases of win).

However, this system of paying prizes is great advantage to a player, but it does not add to his chances of winning only about 0.03 % at 2:1 and 0.05 % at 3:1.

Rule of five cards of a player

According to the rules of boxes a player collected five cards without going over twenty-one is immediately paid and a dealer continues the set only if the game continues on other boxes. This rule reduces the casino odds by 1.45% . By introducing this version of the rules the casino usually relies on gambling of inexperienced players who in pursuit of a winning often continue their five-card set contradicting the basic strategy. Keep this in mind and never take the fifth card if the basic strategy recommends to stop in this case. Take the rules of five card as favorable bonus not the case when you need to deviate from the strategy. Also note that such deviation is usually not valid for a dealer, and he continues the set according to the classical rules.

Rule of six cards of a player

It works the same way as the previous rule, only with six cards. Player's chances of winning are increased by 0.16%.

Seven cards of a player

The same principle, only when taking seven cards. It gives almost nothing to a player adding only 0.01%.

The rules of the best casino

At this we will stop the list of beneficial to a player deviations from the classical rules and tell you about modifications increasing the house edge. Usually they are mentioned together with bonus rules, but have carefully calculated percentage advantage. Blackjack may be paid in 2:1, but do not hurry to be seduced by such nuance and check whether the dealer stays on soft seventeen or the casino wins every time the points are equal. With these tricks casino can mask rules completely unfavorable to the player . So if you see some unusual nuances in the rules of blackjack find out how they affect the mathematical advantage the casino and calculate whether you should play at this table.

Thus, we consider the most famous deviations from the standard rules of blackjack profitable for the casino.

Dealer drawing on a soft seventeen points

It s the most famous variation giving the casino advantage of more than 0.22% . If there are no other deviations from the classics balancing the player's chances of winning avoid playing at these tables.

Ban on split aces

Reduces the player's advantage by 0.18 % and generally has a negative psychological impact on unprepared players. No one likes when after two aces on boxing there are two consecutive scores.

Payment blackjack at a rate of 7:5, 6:5 or 1:1

It's a very disadvantageous rule for a player, reducing his chances of a successful outcome by 0.45 %, 1.39 % and 2.27 % respectively. Playing this blackjack is the same as giving money to the casino.

Casino wins with the equal number of points

The sheer audacity on the part of the Casino meant for only amateurs or passionate, but still silly blackjack lovers who have nowhere else to play. If the casino wins only at equal seventeen, the house edge increases by 1.87%. If the player loses at any number of equal points, his chances of winning are reduced by 8.85 %.

Neutral regulation

There are also neutral rules that give no advantage of players nor casinos but merely act as advertising or aw a way to diversify the process. For example a rule when a croupier stops on any number of points if he has already six cards. A chance to win (at least within hundredths of a percent) is not increasing.

In summary we recommend you to carefully study the rules and believe us that their nuances can be beneficial for you. If deviations from the classical rules are carefully calculated, it gives advantage you or the casino. Only with this approach you should play at the table with unusual blackjack rules.

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