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It's no secret that the greatest success in video poker can be achieved if you follow the optimal strategy properly chosen for each type of the game. For the most common versions, these schemes were developed a long time ago. Recommendations on some of them are offered in the corresponding section of Casinoz.

However each deviation from the standards (change of payments for some combinations, usig bonuses and so on) requires modification of the strategy. Special software helps to cope with this challenge. One of them is Video Poker Calculator.


Video Poker Calculator calculates the odds in video poker and is developed by GambleCraft. It has a broad functionality that allows to perform a wide range of tasks.

We will list the main features of Video Poker Calculator:

  • Calculation of the expected payoff, a dispersion, a standard deviation and other variables in various kinds of video poker.
  • Making payment tables for the most common varieties of the game with the ability to edit them.
  • Analyzing graphs of winning distribution, bankruptcy risk, probability of the outcome and detailed statistics.
  • Tips on the game (the best version of Exchange, and so on).
  • Comparing characteristics of different models.

Video Poker Calculator is in the Russian language. But anyone can understand it. You can find answers to any questions about the program in the Help section.

The interface of Video Poker Calculator is very simple. You might even say that is in the spirit of minimalism. There is nothing superfluous that might detract from the main objective.

Software can run on any computer with Windows.

The demo version of Video Poker Calculator does not present information about video poker with return above 99%. Full cost of the software is two Russian rubles (so it is quite cheap).

Opinion of Casinoz

We can not confirm or deny the accuracy of all calculations produced by Video Poker Calculator. We just hope that the developers worked in good faith on this issue. In general, it makes a good impression both in the functionality and appearance.

You should not expect miracles from Video Poker Calculator. If the rules do not provide an advantage over the casino, it also can not cope with that. But the program will definitely be useful for those who want to improve playing skills, choose an optimal strategy, find the best type of video poker or just learn something new about it.

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