Russian Poker Review

When Russian poker appeared in the land-based casinos in Russia, Ukraine and other neighboring countries, it was incredibly popular among local players. Everyone abandoned Oasis Poker, Caribbean Poker and other types in order to enjoy exchanging cards for cheap prices, purchasing cards and collecting double hands.

Then they started understanding that not fully paid ante affected significantly the total balance after each victory and the popularity of Russian poker began to decline.

If you still have not played Russian Poker, you can become familiar with its version released by CTXM.

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Russian Poker

Where to Play Russian Poker?

Play Free Demo Russian Poker without registration

Many online casinos running on the platform released by CTXM provide an opportunity to test this game both for fun and for real money. Russian Poker without registration for conditional bets is available directly on the portal Casinoz.

Online casino with Russian Poker

How to Play Russian Poker

Russian Poker is a free online version of this game with side bets, which can be played betting from one to twenty-five dollars.
A standard 52-card deck is used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each deal. Jokers are not available.
The rules for Russian Poker developed by CTXM are not difficult for those who are familiar with the basics of stud poker. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by collecting a higher-ranking hand. It is allowed to exchange any number of cards or buy the sixth card.
The user makes an ante and receives five cards. Having evaluated their ranks, he or she decides what to do. There are several available options:
  • It is possible to make a bet that is equal to two antes and compare your hand to the dealer's cards.
  • It is allowed to exchange from one to five cards for one ante.
  • You can buy the sixth card for one ante.
  • You may fold and lose your ante.

Having drawn or bought cards, it is necessary to decide whether to call or fold.

  • If the user calls, the dealer reveals his cards and checks for a combination. The dealer's lowest-ranking hand is an ace-king. If at least this hand is not available, the payout is one ante.
  • If the dealer has a combination, he compares it to your hand. If the dealer beats you, you lose both bets. Having won, you receive the payout for the bet according to the multiplier established for the collected hand (they are traditional). The ante is not paid and the customer just gets it back.
The rules for Russian Poker allow buying a combination for the dealer paying one ante. The dealer will remove the highest-ranking card and take a new card from the deck. The resulting hand is compared to yours. If the combination is not formed, the payout for the ante does not occur.
The discarded cards are returned to the deck, so users may receive them again in Russian Poker.
If you don't understand the meaning of the terms that are mentioned in this article, you should read an article that deals with the rules for Russian Poker published in the corresponding section of the portal Casinoz.
One of the most interesting features of Russian Poker is the ability to form two combinations on one box. At the same time the second combination should have at least one card that does not form a part of the first combination. This occurs frequently when users purchase the sixth card.
If at least one out of two combinations beats the dealer's cards, both bets are paid.

Russian Poker Bonus games

The layout for Russian Poker has a box for side bets. They can be made only in conjunction with the antes, but they are paid independently.
The payouts for them are provided for poker hands starting with a straight, received before drawing cards or buying the sixth card. There are the following multipliers:
  • Straight - 40:1
  • Flush - 60:1
  • Full house - 100:1
  • Four of a kind - 200:1
  • Straight flush - 500:1
  • Royal flush - 1,000:1
We are going to remind you that the very high house edge is embedded in bonus bets.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Russian Poker.

Russian Poker Interface

Since you can download Russian Poker with translations into different languages (even without translation of rules and inscriptions on the table cloth), we are not going to explain the functions of basic buttons on the control panel. Moreover, the game interface is very logical and intuitively understandable.

Should You Play Russian Poker for Real Money?

Fans of Russian Poker will be pleased with the model released by CTXM thanks to the classic rules, bonus payouts and very realistic design. It is very nice and convenient game.
The developers of Russian Poker report that the theoretical payout percentage exceeds 99%. However it is necessary to play according to the optimal strategy.
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