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 Alpha-Click is a convenient payment system which enables making online payments in the shortest terms with the maximal security. The online banking system is available exceptionally to the customers of Alpha Bank (Russia). The customers of this bank can use Alpha-Click free of charged. Due to such a generosity of the bank number of loyal customers increases year by year, while bank offices are not overloaded. Most of the issues are solved distantly and there is no need to visit the bank.

  Basic facts Alpha-Click has over two millions and a half users and most of them make heavy use of the system. Efficiency of bank operation has been considerably improved  in 2012 when Alpha Bank has been switched to the new technological software. The bank was founded in 1990 and has gotten into top seven by volume of funds. The parent company of this bank is ABH Financial Ltd registered in Cyprus. The bank has two departments outside of Russia. The head office is situated in Moscow. Over one hundred branches and departments are situated all over the world. Alpha-Click was honored with some rewards in Runet. The system is securely protected from any kind of hacking. It is possible to get an access to Alpha-Click when you enter the main password and the special single-use temporarily code, sent to you cell phone. The code is only active during three minutes and you can face troubles with access to the bank in case of message delays, so we recommend you to use reliable mobile operators.   Major capabilities of the system With help of Alpha-Click you can instantly charge your mobile account, make payments and set up automatic payments. Every user can easily get a statement of the account and check the balance. It is also possible to order an additional card or block an existing card. You can also pay for goods in online stores with help of Alpha-Click. The system provides convenient internal services as well. For example, «My aims» service helps you to save funds for a desired purchase without any special affords. Collection is automatic when you pay for other purchases. Alpha-Click also allows to pay fees and taxes quickly. It is possible to attach cards to the accounts. Alpha-Click interacts with other payment systems which accounts can be instantly refilled through Alpha Bank. They have a partnership with such payment systems as WebMoney, RBK Money, [email protected], VisaQiwiWallet and Yandex.Money. Time saving is obvious with Alpha-Click: it is possible to add appropriate operations to favorites. Alpha-Click allows making templates which let you make appropriate operations in a couple of minutes.   The interface of Alpha-Click The interface of Alpha-Click was updated in 2013. The navigation was essentially improved. The user’s were also provided with new capabilities. Now the customers can use a convenient panel which provides access to all bank services. The convenient updated panel of online banking of Alpha-Click lets the customers open a required tab in a couple of clicks. Red control panel is very compact and designed in shape bar which can’t fit all available services, so you need to maximize it to have an access to the full list. When you click at the special button, the menu with different categories of services appears at the screen. It is enables with live search feature. The search can be restricted by your location. Th services are shown according to the city elected from the list. With help of widgets you can make operations not switching to other pages. The functional bars of small size are adjustable. Widgets can be relocated with help of the mouse. You can just click at the element and move it to the appropriate place. Everything was designed for the convenience of the customers. The panel can be hidden.   How to work with Alpha-Click To get an access to Alpha-Click first time you need to contact managers of the bank. It would take up to five minutes, but saves you lots of time in the future. At the main page you can see a list of the latest completed operations. Future scheduled operations are also shown there. Scheduled operations are adjusted by the user and processed  automatically. For example, you pay utility bills monthly in the same time or pay for some other services. The user can also save operations to «Favorites». Important operations can be added there just in one click at the star. Lists of operations are always available and you can see all details if you highlight it. Working with «My aims» service, you only need to choose an amount and a date and the system calculates an amount you need to place to the account. Attach a card to the account is pretty simple: you only need to choose a card from the list and attach it to the account.   Usability  Usability of Alpha-Click is provided by wide popularity of the system, while partnership with Robokassa allows to pay goods in online stores attached to the system (over five thousands points). The customers can use over one hundred online services to charge an account and transfer funds to other person. Comparing to other payment systems, Alpha-Click takes small commission. Cooperating with other payment systems, Alpha-Click is maximally integrated to the modern web. Working with funds on Alpha-Click system is very convenient and fast. You can pay utility bills, purchase insurance and make lots of other operations without any special efforts. Saving money with help of «My aims» is pretty simple. You can even visualize the aim an upload an image. This way you can see how close you are. Automatization of regular payments is another advantage of this payment system. Every operation has its status which shows its state. If you have a scheduled payment, but don't have enough funds on your account, you’ll be informed by text message. The most popular features are located at the quick panel. It is possible to pay for mobile contract from any page of online bank. This operation can be completed in one click without commission. It is very convenient to release a virtual card which can be used for secure online payments.

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Foundation date 2006
Website https://click.alfabank.ru
Site languages Русский
Post address 107078, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kalanchevskaya Str., 27
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