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Magic Betting Strategy (Roulette)

roulette strategy

This strategy is designed for playing roulette on equal chances (for instance, red/black). To be sure, you should not take seriously its promising title, because magic systems for gambling do not exist. None of them will allow you to continuously achieve profits. On the other hand, it will not do a lot of harm, so that you can safely test this roulette betting system.

General Description
As mentioned above, users may bet on red/black, odd/even, and high/low according to this strategy.
It is more convenient to use it at online casinos, because it is necessary to make notes. You can calculate in your head, but some players cannot cope with this task.

Step by Step
So, you should take a sheet of paper and pencil. Write ten 1 in a row (1111111111).
Each of them means a bet (referred to as chip). It may be equal to one dollar, ten rubles, one hundred euros, and so on. Its size depends on your financial capabilities and betting range of the table.
The size of the first bet is equal to the sum of two terminal numbers of your sequence. Therefore, there are two chips.
If you win a spin, you need to mark off used numbers. The next bet is also equal to two chips, because two terminal numbers are 1.
If you lose, the bet size should be written at the end of the sequence. It will look like this: 11111111112. Then it is necessary to stake three chips (1+2).
Using these principles for determining the bet size, you will have to play until you mark off all numbers.
To be sure, you need a quite large bankroll to follow this system, because if you have an unfavorable session, you will have to significantly increase the bet size.

Roulette Ball

The author of this strategy even offers a table with odds of loss, depending on the available bankroll:

  • 5 bets - 72.9%
  • 10 bets - 58.2%
  • 20 bets - 42.2%
  • 50 bets - 21.5%
  • 200 bets - 9.2%

We cannot tell you how correct these data are.

We are going to remind readers of the portal Casinoz once again that none of betting systems is able to reduce the house edge in roulette. Therefore, you may use any betting progression, but your chances to win remain the same in the long run.
Read about the way to improve your skills in roulette in the special articles published on the site. They usually deal with the selection of more favorable rules.
We are looking forward to knowing your opinion of this roulette strategy. Write your opinion in the comments and share your personal experience.

Rating: 9.00 / 10
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Date: 2010-03-27
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