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In publications on Casinoz we paid attention to the psychology of the game, that you need to get rid of superstition and prejudice and priority of knowledge over a blind game by chance. Therefore, we would like to talk about such important for many lovers of gambling aspect as luck. What role does it play in the life of different types of casino visitors? Does it even exist? We will try to understand.
Let's imagine a serious player in blackjack. Can we assume that he seriously considers such thing as luck, and allows himself to rely on it? Of course not. In his actions at the table, he is repelled by the mathematical component of the game. This factor determines his every move during the game. If he wins or loses, he will carry it on to the positive and negative deviations from the average mortality.
On the other hand, few poker players would deny the fact that sometimes it is impossible to win against opponents who are frankly inferior in skill, only because of their luck. Luck determines the cards you get and using them with the greatest efficiency requires knowledge and skills.
In every single game session luck is very significant factor largely determining if you lose or win today. This can be said of all games without exception, regardless of the benefits of casinos, their regulations or skills of your opponents. However the situation is quite different if we consider the game on a long stage.
Take, for example, roulette or slot machines. You can win there only with the help of luck if you never used numerous strategies. With using such systems it is possible, in the best case, to achieve the relative stability of results. Playing regularly for several years, you are sure to be in the red. However in casinos even casual visitors win. For this reason, people return to such places. If the outcome of the game would depend only on mathematical calculations, it would be originally pre-decided. Players would never have won if it were not for temporary deviations from the house edge in each of the games. Initially knowing that you will lose five out of every thousand rubles would not make sense to go to the casino.
In games such as blackjack, poker, and some others, the influence of luck is also seen in the long run. By the way, the concept of the game is quite lengthy probation and to some extent is theoretical. No one can say how many hands will be played and even achieving this number. However it does not mean that we should not study these games and improve skills in them. Following the correct strategy and extreme concentration help to maximize the potential of cards you got, and ultimately reduce the loss on failure scenario. In gambling, knowledge is a tool with which you can make up for the lack of some luck.
The author of these lines have seen a lot of successful visitors in the casino. Some of them seemed to have sold their souls to the devil. However some time passed, and most of these lucky players goes into the category of losers with confusion and shifty eyes. They are the antithesis of professional players with great experience, who discreetly enjoyed every victory and calmly look at every defeat, knowing that success is changeable, and you need to rely only on your knowledge.
Can I change my luck? Hardly. Anyway, proving the success of such attempts has been failed. So fans if excitement should improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills for smooth strokes of fate at the table.
Lucky game

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Date : 2010-09-26
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