Modern society is divided into two competing parts in issue of origin of life on Earth. The representatives of the first one think that everything alive exists due to the supreme power - the God. The second hold the evolution theory, which was developed by the famous Charles Dickens. Both parties provide as it seems to them incontestable evidences of their opinion, but non of them has succeeded in persuading the opponent.

«Life Creation» slot machine doesn't insist on any of the theories of life on the Earth origin. Its symbols are just images of animals, which have been inhabiting our planet before. You can choose version of their origin on your own.

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General description

«Life Creation» is the slot machine with five reels and twenty pay lines. It offers the players the special symbols, a bonus games, free spins and the gambling feature.
The combinations, which are awarded with a win, have to consist at least of two or three similar symbols, situated next to each other at the active line, necessarily starting from the first left reel. The maximal payoff is five thousand bets per line here.
This video slot has an unusual kind of gambling feature, which is triggered by click at Gamble button. You can see eight rows with four bar in each. At the left you can see the same flower which plays part of Wild symbol at the reels. The bars can be dark and light. If you are lucky to choose the light one, you win is doubled up and nine fragments hiding the flower are shown at the screen. If you continue playing and guess again, your bet is doubled up again and some parts of the image are opened. It is possible to stop the game and collect the win in any moment because every following round can become unlucky. It is possible to play up to ten times running to increase your original bet 512 times.


The gaming symbols, which you can see at the reels of «Life Creation» slot machine, are images of extinct animals and some plants. Here you can see different dinosaurs, underwater creatures, insects, archaeal, a fern leave and a beautiful flower.
Wild symbol is an animated image with an image of tyrannosaur. It can replace lost any other icon (except of the special symbols) when it can help making or strengthen a paid combination. As usually, only the highest combination formed with help of Wild symbol brings a payoff.
From two to five images of a flying pterodactyl at any position of the screen multiplies the total bet per all lines several times. Two pterodactyls double up the bet, three of them multiply it by x25, four - x50 and five such symbols - x150.
A spotty blue fish is Scatter symbol. When three such icons appear at the reels in the same time (independently of their location), the player gets right for ten free spins by the current bet. During these spins the game goes on by the general rules of the slot.
Bonus symbol of «Life Creation» slot machine is an image of the beautiful pink flower.

Bonus games

The bonus game of «Life Creation» video slot takes place at the main screen and begins when from three to five images of the flower drop out at the active line next to each other starting from the first left reel. The player has to choose one of them to multiply his bet numerous times. Size of the multiplier depends on number of the bonus symbols at the line. If there were three of them, your bet is multiplied 500-600 times, four such symbols multiply it 600-700 times and five flowers rise it up 700-800 times.


Any progressive jackpots are not raffled in «Life Creation» slot machine.


It is possible to control the gameplay of «Life Creation» slot machine with help of the common and user-friendly elements, such as pluses and minuses next to Bet and Lines windows, as well as such buttons as Spin, Maxbet and Gamble. Paytable opens one-paged payment table, which is available in several languages, while Auto opens the window of automatic game mode. Even a very beginner can easily understand all the particularities of this game.
This slot machine has the colorful and pleasant graphics, simple animation and plain background music.


«Life Creation» slot machine makes a good impression in spite of the fact that it can’t surprise with anything original. The special symbols drop out quite frequently here, due to which numerous paid combinations are formed. It makes the game more exciting.
If you want to test this slot machine personally, you can make it in one of online casinos powered by the software developed by Alfaplay. Usually, they provide an opportunity to play for fun as well as by the real money.

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