Blackjack Switch (Blackjack)

In addition to the basic versions of blackjack, modern offline and online casinos offer several original kinds of this game. Some of these unusual types have become very popular and widespread in recent years, including Blackjack Switch, whose rules are discussed in this article.

General Description
Six or eight classic 52-card decks without jokers are usually used in Blackjack Switch. In the brick and mortar establishments, they are dealt from a shoe and after the deal cards are placed in the bump until the cut card appears. All decks are completely involved in each round at online casinos despite the fact that the bump may have cards.
The main goal is to beat the dealer by collecting more points than he or she has without exceeding twenty one points.
This game is more common in the American version where the croupier deals himself two cards, one of which is an upcard, and checks for the blackjack if this is an ace or a ten-valued card.
You should always wager on two hands. The bets must be identical.
As mentioned above, the rules of Blackjack Switch players to exchange cards between hands. It is allowed to exchange only the second card, which is dealt by the croupier. This option is free of charge.
Besides, Blackjack Switch has the following rules:

  • The dealer stops hitting on a hard seventeen, but still hits on a soft seventeen.
  • If the dealer has twenty-two points, the draw is announced (push). This rule does not apply to players.
  • It is allowed to make a double in case of any two cards.
  • The split and insurance are provided.
  • Winnings with basic cards and in case of blackjack are paid 1:1
  • It is possible to surrender.

Bonus payouts for bonus bets are available in many online versions of this game from different manufacturers. They are credited for certain combinations of cards in the first four cards that the player receives. Payouts for them are calculated depending on the following factors:

  • Pair - 1:1
  • Three of a kind - 5:1
  • Two pairs - 8:1
  • Four of a kind - 40:1

Such indices can vary a lot in some models. Payouts for bonus bets are credited despite the further development of the situation.
We haven't come across Blackjack Switch with progressive jackpots.

Firstly, the client makes two equal bets on two hands. The bonus bet is made depending on the player's desire.
Then the croupier deals cards both to himself and the player. The client decides whether he or she should exchange the second cards between hands or deal with each hand individually according to the rules.
When the gamer stands, the dealer starts playing. When he has at least a hard seventeen or a soft eighteen, he compares his cards to a player's combination. Then, he picks up the chips of losing hands and makes payouts for victories.
The round is over.

The game is available in the European or American variations, which differ from each other in the number of cards that the croupier deals himself at the beginning of the round. In the first case, he faces up one card and in the second one he deals two cards, but only one of them is face up.
In addition, various versions may have differences in rules, read them carefully, when you get acquainted with a new model.

The opportunity to exchange cards between hands is very attractive, since it significantly increases the chances of a successful outcome. But this does not mean that Blackjack Switch is such a profitable kind of game. The decreased payout for blackjack, a draw if the dealer has a twenty-two, hitting of the dealer in case of a soft seventeen and other features of the rules level the benefits of the exchange.
However online and offline casinos have versions of Blackjack Switch in which the house edge does not exceed a few tenths of a percent (for example, 0.2%), which is a very good index. How to choose the best Blackjack Switch? You will find this out in the special article at
On our portal customers may find recommendations on the basic strategy, become familiar with various kinds of this game and test several models of different brands.
We are looking forward to seeing your comments about this version of blackjack. Write your opinion in the comments and rate this game.

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Date: 2010-03-20

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