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Luxurious casinos that attract fans from all over the country and numerous foreign guests are open in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The range of games that are especially popular among their visitors includes blackjack. It is offered there to play it according to the special rules, which are discussed in detail in the article published at Casinoz.

General Description

Atlantic City blackjack is an American variation of the game in which the croupier initially deals two cards to himself and faces up one of them. If it is either ace or any ten-value card, the dealer checks for blackjack hiding his hand from the player.

Eight standard 52-card decks without jokers are used in this version of blackjack. The cards are used for a shoe (a special gaming device). In land-based casinos the dealer "cuts" a part of decks with the special plastic card. The deal in which this card appears from the shoe is the final one. Then the dealer shuffles all the decks together.

The discarded cards are placed in the discard tray, where they stay till the appearance of a cut card. All cards participate in each hand at online casinos, though they can be visualized in the discard tray.

Users can traditionally play betting on one or several hands. It is allowed to make bets of unequal sizes on different hands.

Let's briefly discuss the distinctive features of the rules of Atlantic City blackjack:

  • The dealer stands on any 17.
  • It is allowed to double on any first two cards, including after a split.
  • It is allowed to split three times per hand.
  • One card is dealt on each split ace.
  • An ace and a ten formed after a split can not be considered as blackjack.
  • It is allowed to split any ten-value cards.
  • Most casino offer an option to surrender (if the player surrenders, the house takes half the gamer's bet).
  • It is possible to take insurance against the dealer's blackjack.
  • The payouts are traditional: 1:1 for conventional hand, 3:2 for blackjack and 2:1 for insurance.

There is no Charlie rule. Bonus payouts are not provided.


The croupier shuffles eight decks together, puts them into the shoe and separates some of the cards using a cut card.

The customer makes bets. Then the croupier deals two-card hands, giving cards one by one. He also deals two cards to himself: one face-down card and one face-up card.

If the dealer faces up an ace or a ten, he takes a look at the hole card without facing it up to check for blackjack. Then he offers to take insurance. If the dealer has blackjack, cards are not drawn.

In regular mode the player draws cards, and then the dealer reveals his hand. If he doesn't have at least 17, he also draws a card.

Then the scores of dealer's and player's hands are compared. Then the dealer makes the payouts and takes the losing bets. This deal is over.


Most establishments in Atlantic City and nearly all models of online games have the universal rules. The differences relate to the insignificant nuances that, however, should be taken into consideration. Therefore, you should carefully study the rules before you start playing for money.

Some establishments may offer various bonus options that make the rules more favorable for customers.


Atlantic City blackjack is quite attractive for those customers who try to achieve the highest results. If you select the right strategy for playing, you can reduce the house edge to a few tenths of one percent.

Atlantic City blackjack is available on the websites running on software from Microgaming (several models), BetOnSoft, Cryptologic and some other brands. They are considered in the separate review at Casinoz.

You can find recommendations for blackjack in the special section of our site.

We are looking forward to seeing your comments. Users can also rate this game using asterisks. Feel free to share your opinions and tell about you personal experience.

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