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General Description

Baccarat Gold is a version of the popular game, which is found in some land-based and online casinos. It is perfect for novice baccarat players, because the main purpose of its creation is to simplify the traditional rules and reduce the house edge. Eight standard 52-card decks and a baccarat table are necessary for this game.

Aim of the Game

As in the classic version of this game, in Baccarat Gold it is necessary to predict the winner (either a player or a banker). It is also possible to wager on a tie.

Hands and Card Values

Hands and values of cards are traditional for this game.


Baccarat Gold provides the following types of bets:

    On a player (punto). It is a bet on the victory of the player. It is paid 1:1. On a banker (banco). It is a bet on the victory of the banker. It is paid 19:20 (1:1 without a 5% commission fee). On a tie. It is a bet on the fact that the player's and banker's scores will be equal. It is paid 9:1.


In general, the gameplay is similar to the classic version. The differences are related to the rules for drawing cards.

If the participant bets on a player, he or she can select whether to draw with 5 or not.

If the player draws a third card, the banker makes the same thing according to the following rules:

    If the banker's total score is three or less, the banker always draws a card. If the banker's total score is four or five, the banker draws a card only if the player's third card varies from a three to seven. If the banker's total score is six or seven, the banker never draws a card.

Odds and Basic Strategy

If you select that the player draws a card with 5, the house edge is: 1.15% for punto or banco, and 4.9% for a tie.

If you select that the player stands with 5, the house edge is: 1.38% for punto, 0.91% for banco, and 4.9% for a tie.

Therefore, users should better wager on the banker if the player stands with 5. If you stake on the player, you need to select that the player should draw a card with 5.

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3 апреля 2016
Баккара - это популярная карточная игра в казино, в которой игроки стремятся набрать как можно больше очков, используя две или три карты.Играя в баккара голд всегда нужно думать о прикупе!Эта игра подходит как для новичков так и для профессионалов так как практически уравнивает их шансы!
8 июня 2015
Слышу об этой игре впервые. Правила довольно интересны. Нужно будет попробовать поиграть,- заинтересовали. Все довольно понятно и доступно рассказали, что станет понятно даже новичку.
14 февраля 2014
некогда не слышал про эту игру но прочитал и понял вроде норм стоит поиграть в интернете люблю чтото поинтересней поновей поиграю разок а дальше будь что будет)