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In Red We Trust Betting Strategy (Roulette)

in red we trust - roulette betting system

Roulette betting systems are usually progressions. According to them, the bet size should be changed, depending on the outcomes of previous spins, or in accordance with a certain scheme. A betting strategy with an unusual title In Red We Trust does not belong to this kind of systems.

General Description
It is a pattern of placing chips on the layout, which remains unchanged during the whole gameplay. There is no need to increase or decrease the bet size unless the user decides to do it or combine this system with any other strategy.
You will need to have twenty-five chips of any value per spin. You should place them according to the scheme described below. The total size of your bankroll does not make any difference, but you have probably guessed that the higher it is, the lower is the probability that you will become bankrupt after a prolonged series of unprofitable spins.
We want to emphasize once again that this betting system is designed exclusively for roulette. It can hardly be used for any other game of chance or other form of gambling.
Roulette Betting System

Step by Step
All you need to play roulette using In Red We Trust betting strategy is to prepare twenty-five chips and memorize the pattern that is provided to place chips on the layout. It looks in the following way (see it in the picture):

  • One chip should be placed on each red number in the first and third dozens
  • 1 chip on 0
  • 5 chips on black
  • 5 chips on the first dozen
  • 1 chip on 16/19 split
  • 1 chip on 18/21 split

The scheme seems to be complicated, but it is only at first glance. Having tested this system in demo mode at online casinos, you will quickly memorize this pattern.
Let's find out what is waiting for you if one or the other number comes up:

  • 0 - you will win 11 chips
  • Any red number from the second or third dozens- you will win 11 chips
  • Any red number from the first dozen - you will lose 10 chips
  • Any black number from the second or third dozens- you will lose 15 chips
  • Any black number from the first dozen - bets are returned
  • 16, 18, 19, or 21 - you will win 29 chips

Thus, you will lose if eighteen numbers come up. The other nineteen numbers in European roulette will bring profits. In addition, the maximum loss is half as much as the maximum payout. On the other hand, black numbers in the second and third dozens come up frequently and each of them means that you lose fifteen chips.

There are no other versions of this system. Since it is intended for single-zero roulette, you should use it in European or French versions. It is not suitable for American roulette.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Let's firstly discuss the advantages of the In Red We Trust betting system. The pattern for placing chips on the layout is easily remembered. This strategy is not a betting progression, so you do not have to raise bets significantly, risking large sums to win back the initial bet. It is quite fascinating and definitely helps gamblers to control expenses and time spent in the establishment (after all, you can set limits).
In fact, it has one significant disadvantage: this betting system does not help users to reduce the house edge in roulette. However if you are aware of this fact and adequately perceive the role of all betting systems in this game, it's just a feature.

Any roulette strategy, including the In Red We Trust betting system, is nothing more than a way to diversify the gameplay. You cannot use these strategies to increase the probability to win. This fact has been proven by mathematics and many professional gamblers.
Special articles on the portal Casinoz deal with the principles of betting strategies as a whole, their inefficiency, and your possible attitude towards them.
If you want to share your impression of this strategy and personal experience, write the comments below.

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Date: 2010-04-03
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