There are a lot of stories, real and fake, surrounding the world of casinos, especially in countries or states where it isn’t legal. Some stories will make you, while some casino addiction facts will make you feel that you don’t gamble or play at casinos. Whatever it leads to, the stories have become some interesting facts that have kept all of us entertained. Let’s take a look at ten interesting casino facts of all times.

Top three casino and gambling facts

1. FedEx survived because of gambling

Frederick Smith, the FedEX founder, was struggling to keep his company afloat when he decided to take all $5,000 he had to Las Vegas in 1973. He was lucky to have the plan work just as planned as he took home a whopping $27,000 while playing blackjack. Today, his company is worth over $5.5 billion and has 40,000 employees across the world. FedEx is known for its excellent and timely service in all major countries across the globe. 

2. Sandwich’s founder was a gambling addict

John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, was addicted to gambling. After playing for hours, he got hungry but wanted to keep playing, so he asked his cook to prepare something that he could eat without interrupting the game. And that folks, is how a sandwich originated. 

The cook had to get creative, so he toasted to breads and put meat in between it. You can also say that it was invented while gambling. The story isn’t confirmed by many say that he was playing for 24 hours. Even though Montagu encouraged the idea, we still don’t have the creative cook behind it.

3. The slot machine was invented in 1895

Charles Fey invented the slot machine in 1895, and it was not even placed in a casino. He set it up at the auto shop he worked in. When customers would drop by, they would try their luck at the fancy new machine.

After finding his model work progressively, the San Francisco resident decided to leave his job as a mechanic and launched his own business. When Fey realized that people thoroughly enjoyed the game, the machine was sold to casinos and the rest is history. Today, slot games give 50 percent of a casino’s jackpot.

Shocking casino fun facts

4. Las Vegas is not home to the world’s largest casino

The casino industry is rocking the Las Vegas night for the past 50 years, but it is far from being considered by mecca of gambling. Macau, an autonomous city in China, is home to the biggest casino in the world square feet wise. Gambling is illegal in China, but since the city is autonomous, the law doesn't apply to it. 

For the past 15 years, casinos in Macau have boosted the local economy and created thousands of jobs because one person found the glitch.

5. Biggest better in Las Vegas, Zembic

Zembic is a popular gambler and magician from 1990s. His love for casinos was profound but what made him famous was his passion for betting on everything and anything. One time, he and his friend bet that he would get breast implants and keep them for a year. If he were successful at it, the other people at the table would have to give him $100,000. 

And he did it. He got 38C implants. But that’s not where the craziness ends because he never got the implants removed.

6. Nevada State Prison once had a casino

The Nevada State Prison had a casino from 1932-1967, for a total of 35 years for the inmates. They could do everything from betting on sports to playing blackjacks, craps, and roulette. After a new warden joined the office in 1967, he shut down the casino who considered it is downgrading. Ever since, no new warden chose to reopen it.

Casino industry facts you should know about

7. Roulette originated in the 17th century

Blaise Pascal invented roulette back in 1655. But that’s not the only thing he is famous for. He was a math whizz who was obsessed with the number 666. It is because of this that all number of the roulette wheel add up to 666. Clever mathematicians love having inside jokes.

8. 1st casino license in Las Vegas

Most casino owners today are men but the first license was given to Mayme Stocker, a woman, in 1920. She ran her cute little casino shop in the heart of Las Vegas and offered five games that were legal at the time including bridge, 500, lowball poker, stud poker, and draw poker.

9. Monaco citizens are banned from the famous Monte Carlo Casino

This isn’t one of the Las Vegas casino facts but it is worth reading. Monaco is one of the richest casino decision, but its citizens cannot play at the Monte Carlo Casino. For the past 150 years, the glitz and glamor of the casino have entertained rich celebrities and entrepreneurs from across the globe. 

Princess Caroline made sure in 1863 that all citizens will be banned forever. But that doesn’t really hurt because they don’t have to pay any income tax.

10. People gamble in Japan because of a loophole

The Japanese government has banned gambling, but one loophole allows you to play there. There are several Pachinko parlors all across the country that are home to slot machine games that gives people silver balls as awards. They can exchange this for toys, alcohol, and other prizes. If they want to convert it to cash, they can visit the state-regulated shops for getting an equivalent payment.

Three things you should know before entering a casino

1. Take your time before you start making bets

In casino movie facts, you would have seen a casino intellectual person takes his time getting acquainted with different parts of the room. It helps you feel comfortable and understand the body language of other players. We consider it as an excellent move as it gives you a chance to warm up with the dealer.

At the same time, don’t drink too much because it reduces your ability to make correct decisions and promotes hasty choices. Make sure to go to the casino after eating food as it will help you to concentrate on the game completely.

2. Practice online before visiting a physical casino

Thanks to the internet, many online casinos offer free games where you can practice your skills, develop strategies, understand the pattern, and become a master. While games like roulette and slots don’t need any expertise as they are based on your lucky, other games like blackjack and craps demand knowledge and skills.

3. Say yes to a player’s card

Would you like to take your family on a cruise vacation for you? A visit to the casino will make it possible for you. When you make your first bet, an employee will approach you and ask if you are interested in a player’s card. Don’t spend even second thinking over it and say yes. 

At the end of the year, the casino will total up your score. High-rollers get cool prizes like cruise vacation and other things depending on your rank. Even if you are an infrequent visitor, you will get free restaurant vouchers, free rounds, and free Disneyland tickets. 

Which of the 10 casino facts surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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