People visit casinos to have fun, win money, and drink games. But if you don’t want to dress up fancy and want to have just as much fun wrapped up in a blanket, going online is a better choice. Online casinos have become popular across the globe because you can be anywhere in the world and have an equal opportunity to win a jackpot. Wondering which is the better choice -- online casino vs. a real casino? Continue reading this article to know more.

Pros of online casino

1. No time spent travelling

The best advantage online vs. offline casino has is that you don’t waste any time travelling to the casino location. You don’t have to pay registration fees when you sign-up on the casino website either. You don’t have to pay gas charges for driving your car or make a deposit at the casino. All you have to pay for is the internet connection and electricity bills. You can choose between mobile casinos vs. online casino to play at home.

2. Offers higher return to the player ratio

The online casino offers a higher Return to Player percentage or ratio to the player. Even though it is only one or two percent more, it makes a huge difference when you win a jackpot or play regularly. At the same time, the stakes are lower. One round while playing online casino only costs 25 cents, whereas playing in a physical casino needs you to invest at least $1 to $2. You only have to invest ¼ th of the amount for the same jackpot.

3. Better bonuses and cash back rewards

Does your local casino give you cash back when you lose a round? No physical casino gives that! On the other hand, online casinos are always flooded with bonuses, rewards, and cash back to help you continue playing. Registration is free but some online casino websites offer VIP accounts, which come with even better rewards.

Cons online casino

1. Easier to lose money

You have complete access to your bank account via net banking and credit cards. All you have to do is enter your details. On the other hand, when you play in a physical casino, you make a pre-decided deposit and play with it. To refill your account, you have to find the counter, which can be at the other end of the casino. You have to control yourself in order to avoid bankruptcy.

2. No opportunity to socialize

If you are a social person, you won’t like online casinos as much because it gives you zero opportunity to interact with people. Many websites offer chat box, but the feeling isn’t the same.

3. Delayed payment

After you win rewards or a jackpot, the money gets transferred to your user account immediately, but it takes a lot of time for it to show in your bank account. It gets more delayed if you are playing on a holiday as the bank isn’t open to conduct the transaction.

Pros of a real casino

1. Lets you meet new people

You never know you might end up meeting the love of your life at a physical casino. Even if you aren’t interested in playing for the entire night, you can have fun drinking and meeting new people at the bar. Physical casinos are surrounded by recreational areas and places of entertainment. You can take your friends to the casino for a fancy dinner.

2. Boosts local economy

When you visit a local casino, you check into a hotel, order food, and do a little shopping. You are unconsciously helping the local economy. You can visit destination casinos as well in Eastern European countries and territories like Malta and Gibraltar and travel around Europe at the same time.

3. Offers one of its kind experience

No matter how well the game designers and developers make an online casino game, it isn’t ever going to be as good as visiting a physical casino. People, music, and ambiance surround you you will never forget.

Cons real casino

1. Indulge in excessive drinking

Physical casinos have bikini-clad models serve alcohol and other things, which encourages you to indulge in excessive drinking. Getting drunk on rare occasion doesn’t hurt, but you don’t want to be drunk in a casino, especially when you are dealing with money. It clouds your judgment, and you tend to make bad decisions.

2. Get easily distracted

Another way that offline casinos distract you is by using skimpily clothed dealers. If you are there to enjoy, no one is stopping you but focusing on the jackpot sounds like the better thing to do.

3. Lesser variety in games

Compared to online casinos, physical casinos have limited space. It isn’t possible to have thousands of games in one place. This is where you can see a complete difference between real vs. online gambling. However, if you are someone who hates having too many choices, you will love real casinos.

Real vs. online casino

This brings to the most interesting part of the article -- online vs. offline gambling. Let’s take a look at four major differences between online gambling vs. casino.

1. Glamor and dressing up nicely

If you want to experience what it is like visiting a casino, you should definitely visit one very soon. It is a different world in itself. However, visiting such expensive isn’t possible every day, so you can resort to online gambling. It might not be as fun, but you at least get a lot of variety in games.

2. Addiction

Gambling is something you can easily get addicted to because of the greed of winning money. Both online and offline gambling are equally addictive, but it is upon you how you want to spend your money. Online casinos are definitely cheaper, so when you lose, you lose less money.

3. Access to a bank account

It is difficult to control online casinos because you have constant access to your bank account. To avoid it, you can set up a limit before starting the game. Prepare yourself in such a way that if you lose this pre-decided amount, you don’t feel bad about it.

4. Free to play versions

One of the biggest benefits of playing online is that every game has free or demo versions. You can practice on them and master the game before you play the paid version. It is great way to strategize and have complete knowledge of the games. 

After trying both online and offline casinos, we support the idea of online gambling more because it is convenient, affordable, and offers better chances of winning. Real casinos are only ideal as a once-in-a-life experience because you will soon get bored with visiting the place regularly and they are expensive as well.

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