Craps is a simple game, but it's not so simple to win it! Many players just bet on their lucks on the roll of the dice without knowing the best way to play craps.  There is no single way if you are wondering how to win at craps every time, but there are some best bets in craps that increase your winning chances. 

In this guide, you are going to learn the best way to play craps and find out more about best odds in craps, pass line odds, come bet craps- everything that leads the way to winning at craps!

What is the Best Way to Play Craps?

First, you have to know the rules of the game; there's no way around it! We are not going to discuss the rules as it's out of the scope of this article. But you can get ample videos, guides and tutorials on the internet to help you out. 

You can also watch others play craps at a casino to get the hang of how things work.

After you know how to play craps, you can think about how to win at craps table. You have to know the best bets in craps that you can put your money on. On the other hand, you also need to know which bets to avoid!

Along with that, you need to manage your bankroll and work out the house edge of your bets. Only then you can increase your odds of winning craps.

The Relation between House Edge and Best Craps Bets

The house edge of each bet decides the best bet on craps table. House edge is a factor used to evaluate the chances whether the bet will be favorable to the player or the casino.

The lower the house edge, higher are the chances of going for the best roll in craps. So one of the most important strategies to make the best bets in craps is to go for bets with lowest house edges. 

The best bets to make in craps are the ones with the lowest house edges. Here are some bets with low house edges in craps

BetsPayoutHouse Edge
Pass1 to 11,41%
Come1 to 11,41%
Placing Odds on Pass/Come 6 or 86 to 50%
Placing Odds on Pass/Come 5 or 9
3 to 20%
Placing Odds on Pass/Come 4 or 10
2 to 10%
Don't Pass1 to 11,36%
Don't Come1 to 11,41%
Placing Odds on Don't Pass/Don't Come 6 or 8
5 to 60%
Placing Odds on Don't Pass/Don't Come 5 or 9
2 to 3


How to Bet on Craps: Bets to Avoid

By rule of the thumb, you should avoid bets with a high house edge. They reduce your odds bet craps and put the casino in an advantageous position. Here are the bets with high house edges-

  • Place 4 or 10 with 6.67% house edge
  • Big 6 and 8 with 9.09% house edge
  • Hardways 4 and 10 with 11.11% house edge
  • Place 4 or 10 with 6.67% house edge
The craps proposition bets mostly turn the craps table odds against your favor. They come with high house edges of 11.11% to 16.8%. Here are few of the craps proposition bets that are not the best bets in craps betting strategy because of high house edge-
  • Ace Deuce (3)
  • Any Craps (2,3 or 12)
  • Aces (2)
  • Any Eleven
  • Any Seven
  • Horn 2 or 12
  • Horn 3 or 11
  • Boxcars (12)

The Best Odds in Craps

The best way to win at craps is to know the best odds in craps. As you can see from the table, the come/don’t come bets and pass/don’t pass bets have the lowest house edges. Surely they are the craps best odds you can bet on. 

Also, some of the of the following are the favorable craps odds bet-

  • Field 2
  • Field 12
  • Place 6
  • Place 8
Let's take the example of place 6 and 8. You can get 7:6 on your wager if the shooter rolls a 6 or 8 before landing a 7. 
To bet on 6 or 8, just push your wager in the boxes or circles marker 6 and 8. Now just hope that you turn out lucky with your craps bets. 
The craps table also has the Big 6 and 8- but don't make the mistake of betting on them! Big 6 and 8 are not the best way to bet craps as the payout is 1:1. Also, both have a high house edge of 9.09%. So do the calculations and so that you get the craps best odds!
The Field 2 and 12 has a house edge of 5.56% but makes one of the best bet in craps because it pays out in the ratio 2:1. To place your bets on Field 2 or 12, just look below the Come bet box. Then place your wager in the Field box with the numbers 2 and 12.

The Best Bets in Craps to Win the Game

How to win at craps? The best way to play craps and win is to make the right bets. Let's explore some best crap bets that help you win!

1. Craps Pass Line Odds are High

The pass line craps is one of the most basic bets which has a low house edge of 1.41%. The bet works on a simple logic- after you have placed your wager on the pass line, the shooter rolls the dice to determine a point in the come-out roll. 

If the dice stops at 7 or 11, you win the bet 1:1. You lose the pass line craps bet if the shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12.

Any other result is taken as the point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10). The goal is to roll the point before the dice lands a 7. You know that 7 is most likely to come up as it's the common sum of the dice. 

You can also place an additional wager after the come-out roll on the pass line known as odds. The odds come with a house edge of 0% and payout in true odds. It's the best bet on craps table to maximize your bankroll.

2. Bet on Come Line Craps

The Come line on the craps table also gives you good craps bets odds. You can take advantage of a low 1.41% house edge and get paid 1:1 if you win. 
How to bet craps on Come line?
You or the shooter has to come up with a 7 or 11 to win the bet after you have placed the Come bet. If the shooter or you roll 2, 3 or 12, then you lose the bet.

3. Craps Playing the Field with Don't Pass Bet

The Don't Pass line is another betting option along with the pass line. You have a house edge of 1.36% which is .05% better than the Pass line with a 1.41% house edge. 
You win the Don't Pass bet if the roll of the dice points to 2 or 3. Consequently, if the dice roll stops at 7 or 11, you lose the bet. If you land up with 12, the bet is taken forwards which also increases the percentage of house edge. 
When you bet on the Don't Come line, you are placing the odds exactly on the opposite of Pass line outcomes. You are betting that the shooter will throw a 7 before the point which increases your chances of winning following the come-out roll.
Just like in case of Pass bets, you can place an additional wager on your Don't Pass bets to increase your bankroll.

4. Consider the Don't Come Line

The Don't Come line has the same house edge of 1.41% as the Come line. You can place your bet against the other players after the shooter comes out with a point.  

If the shooter rolls a 3 or 2 after the point, you become the winner! It's exactly the opposite of the Come line, so you lose if the dice stops at 7 or 11 in the first round. 

You land in a tie if the dices add up to 12.

How to Win at Craps

Are you still wondering how to play craps and win?

Let's go over the steps once more for your convenience-

  1. Get to know the house edges of different bets to find out the best bet in craps
  2. Place your wager on bets with lowest house edges
  3. Place additional wager to maximize your bankroll
  4. Stay away from props bets

Another important consideration is your bankroll. You should not place big wagers unless you have a big sum of money to gamble. If you do, then consider the best world bet craps and go for higher wagers permitted by the table rules. 

You should also know when to walk away to keep the money you won. Many gamblers keep on betting even when their luck is up and lose all they have earned!

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