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Blackjack is considered one of the most intellectual games. You should not rely on luck alone to achieve maximum results in this game. An important aspect is selecting the optimal strategy and, what is more challenging - sticking to it. In addition, an inexperienced casino customer who has decided to play blackjack can have other unpleasant surprises. We will discuss some of them in this article.

Varieties of Blackjack

Modern casinos (especially those working on the Internet) offer plentiful blackjack versions for every taste. Many are very exciting due to their unusual rules and original innovations. Some of them, at first glance, may seem very profitable. But do not jump to conclusions if you are not good at blackjack.

In fact, every indulgence in the rules, which is in favor of the player, is compensated by the casino in some other areas.

If you see the dealer's two cards immediately after the deal or there are a lot of bonuses, ask yourself what you have to pay for these privileges.

It is also more challenging to choose an optimal strategy for new varieties of blackjack. Thus, even if the casino offers blackjack with some unique rules and ensures that it is possible to reduce the house edge to less than one percent, it does not mean you'll be able to do it.

Therefore, leave these games to professionals. Let them test them first, develop strategies, and so on. Continue to practice classical blackjack, where you do not need to invent anything. Of course, it is better for you if you are not confident in your skills.

Blackjack Optimal Strategies in 2024

Imagine being armed with table strategy and sitting at the table for traditional blackjack. What dangers might await you?

  • First of all, forget about your intuition. Instincts are your main enemy in blackjack. Dispose of it. If you are sure that the correct strategy for the game is chosen, do not disregard the recommendations in the table.
  • When choosing a strategy, ensure it corresponds to all points of the blackjack rules you will play. Some differences may seem small, but you can lose quite a lot.
  • Do not panic. This happens because the strategy does not seem to work. Remember that it is designed for an extended period of the game, not for a couple of shoes.

You can play online blackjack on Casinoz.

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Bets Range

The desire to unreasonably raise bets is common among many fans of blackjack. But it is perilous. You will likely not survive in a "black" strip if you have no bankroll left for a couple thousand starting rates. Please read our guidelines for choosing the size of bets in blackjack.

You'll find them in thematic articles on Casinoz.

Neighbors at the BJ Table

In online casinos, neighbors at the table do not cause much trouble, but they can be a real problem in land-based casinos. Some of them, overflowing with good intentions, will give you advice. Others will scold you for sitting at the top box, taking a card that guarantees the dealer's bust. Others will expose your boxing with their bets, making it difficult to follow the plan.

Listing all the inconveniences that may be caused at the same table with the amateurs, is extremely difficult, because they are like no other, tricky to fudge and steadfast in their beliefs.

Do not try to tell them you're playing according to the optimal strategy developed by professionals. There is no need to explain that position at the table does not affect the result. Many perceive your words as a personal insult with all the consequences (do you need it?).

In general, play your game, and if it is unbearable, change tables. Or go to the online casino.

tips for blackjack players

Your Mistakes in Blackjack

Even if you are well-versed in blackjack, you are not immune to annoying mistakes. In an online casino, you can press the wrong button, and in the ordinary casino, make an occasional gesture that the dealer would treat as a call to action.

To avoid this, try to play if you are fine.

Limiting concentration is one of the critical points of a successful game.

Fatigue, alcohol, friends, and music can stop you at a table for blackjack.

Dealer's Mistakes in Blackjack

Do not think that all croupiers in a casino are masters. There may be a girl who finished training a couple of months before and hardly adds seven to fifteen. I have seen such dealers even in excellent casinos.

Therefore, closely monitor the actions of staff, recalculate them, and do not hesitate to ask them whenever you have any questions. They are at work to ensure that you can play with comfort.

Again, we do not agitate you to play at online casinos, but such incidents are excluded. However, in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can skillfully use the dealer's mistake in your favor if your conscience allows it. On Casinoz, you can find articles on this topic.


If you carefully choose the casino with the best versions of blackjack, find the optimal strategy, and practice skills in the training mode, you will not have any problems during the game.

They usually occur because of a lack of preparation before playing for money. Keep this in mind in the future.

Frequently asked Questions

👍 Should I learn the blackjack basic strategy in 2024?

If you want to win as often as possible, you need to master the basic strategy. It is the basics of blackjack. It will help you a lot.

👌 Should I master card counting in blackjack?

Card counting benefits land-based casinos, but this technique will not help you much on gambling websites. It is practically useless in RNG blackjacks.

📰 Where can I find free blackjack lessons?

Casinoz has hundreds of articles on blackjack and other gambling games. They all are free to read. 

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