Extreme Games slot Review

Without any doubt, extreme types of sports can be considered as gambling. Of course, the outcome depends primarily on the skills than on luck, but in some cases it can be a real luck if you just do not break your head. But the real reward is neither the prize funds of the competitions in extreme sports nor contracts with sponsors and even an adrenaline for which these extreme players are craving. This award is a self-esteem, which is growing after each and every achievement.

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Extreme Games is a five-reel non-progressive video slot from Boss-media. The game offers a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins and bonus games, and the maximum size of the jackpot is $100,000.

There are many types of extreme sports nowadays: water rafting, air diving and others, which require proper equipment. Take glasses, helmet, knee pads and other things to rush into the abyss of passions and do not be afraid! Start the game with the determination of the coin value, which ranges from one cent to one dollar, and the total bet in case of 25 lines and 10 coins on each line can reach 250 dollars, respectively. Now, when the high rollers buck up, it's time to talk about other options of this game. For example, do you know what skiching is? This very dangerous extreme action implies that the skateboarder is pulled by a motorized vehicle with the speed he would never reach on a skateboard. This symbol has become wild in the slot machine Extreme Games. The wild symbol can replace other items in the game forming paid combinations. The exceptions include bonus symbols and scatter symbols. The champagne scatter will help you to win a free spins round. The number of free spins will depend on the number of appeared scatters: three, four or five scatter symbols will provide the player with 5, 10, 15 spins, respectively. The free spins round may be repeated, if the scatter symbols will show up again during free spins. In this case, won spins are just added together with the previous ones.

Extreme Games Symbols, Wild, Scatter

It is clear that all kinds of extreme sports would not be placed on the twenty reels. Here just a few of them, which are the most famous, are represented as symbols in the slot machine. The sportsman in a yellow suit is soaring against the sky and the aircraft that is flying away without opening a parachute. A kayaker in a vest and helmet is overcoming difficult rapids. A skateboarder froze for a second at the peak of the jump. A climber is pulling on a rope against the background of a cliff. Two longborders are riding downhill. Finally, a motofreestyler is performing a trick jumping over the bar under the inscription Bonus. The game is funny and it has an unusual solution of the wild symbol: it's just a blue tap with a beveled pattern depicting the speed and the inscription Wild. A bottle of champagne is shooting with a cork on the background of the black-white-checker finish on the scatter symbol. Two other items are devoted to safety: the first one represents a helmet and sunglasses, and a fully equipped first-aid kit is shown on the second one. It is practical and ironic at the same time.

Extreme Games Bonus games

Each bonus symbol gives bonus points, which are accumulated until their number reaches 1,000. The accumulation of this sum results in activation of the bonus round, dedicated to the motor cross. In the game Moto X High Jump the rider should jump as high as possible in order to win a prize. Five attempts are provided in this game. If you reach the biggest height at the second attempt, having the third, fourth and fifth ones, only the best result is taken into consideration.


The range of bets in the game varies from $0.01 to $250. The minimum size of the jackpot comprises $100,000.

Extreme Games Interface

This slot has the common for the machines from Boss-media one-color design of the interface. The main attention of developers was paid to symbols of the reels and more colorful markers of paylines that have virtually all colors of the rainbow as children's pencils or sportswear. If you take a look at them, the main tap of the screen hides graffiti on the background. The logo of the game Extreme Games is also made in the style of graffiti. In general, the combination of monotony of the background and the bright playing field has something exciting and aggressive. Actually, extreme sports should be of that kind, as well as slot machines sometimes.


Extreme is not a word that can often be found in online games, except for situations when the topic is directly related to extreme sports and insane surges of adrenaline. But along with the adrenaline we also get a lot of options in this game: free spins, scatter symbols, as well as an amazing bonus game!

The video slot is suitable for people who consider themselves to be desperate gamers. Some people prefer golf and someone needs to spin on a raft in swirling waters. The free slot machine has finally satisfied the second category of users. Of course, they can not replace their crazy adventures seating in front of the monitor, but at least they will be able to train between them. It is a slot for those to live an interesting and intensive life. You can download this free slot machine and prove this!

Where to play Extreme Games for free or real money?

Nowadays there is no need to visit brick and mortar casinos to play a slot machine. Slot machines without registration are available on many gaming portals. However we recommend that you should register with the Casino Club in order to get the full pleasure of gambling. Otherwise, is it an extreme? At least the minimum risk should be present, otherwise, you will not feel pleasure of gambling.

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