The developers of little known yet, but clearly ambitious iGaming2Go company, offer an unusual kind of video poker named «Magic Poker». Its outstanding feature is an opportunity to choose so-called «magic» cards, which provide you special preferences. How exactly this feature works and what else this original model can surprise you with, you can find out about in the following review prep red by the gambling dictionary - Casinoz, specially for you.


Play Magic Poker

Actually, «Magic Poker» is one of the numerous variations of Jacks and Better, that you can make sure while learning the rules.
One traditional deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used here. All cards are always shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is to make a paid combination. It is allowed to change up to five cards when necessary, but only once.
It is only possible to play on one hand and stake 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 credits on it. The maximal bet gives no extra preferences, so an amount of the bet makes no senses according to the strategy.
Classic poker combinations from a pair of jacks to royal flush are paid in «Magic Poker». Payoff indexes used in calculation of the wins vary from x1 to x300. All of them are displayed in the special table where potential payoffs are displayed according to the bet.
The gameplay begins from decision about the bet and «magic» card (please read about it below). Then the customer receives five cards which are dealt face-down. He decides which of them to hold and exchanges the rest for new free. If a combination provided by the rules is formed, it is paid according to the provided multiplier.
It is possible to collect the total amount of the win immediately or stake it in the gambling feature. Here you would have to guess the color of the face-down card. Correct answer means your bet is doubled up. However any mistake leads to the loss of the bet. It is possible to play up to five times running.
According to the official information section, «Magic Poker» pays back 93,68% of all customers’ bets at the long gaming period.

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Magic Poker Bonus games

Before the bonus round begins, the customer can pick «magic» cards. They are chosen by denomination: all sixes, all sevens and etc. If any of the cards from picked value takes part in a poker combination, the standard payoff is doubled up.
Please pay your attention that these cards are not jokers and can’t replace other elements. They are neither taken in account when they don't participate in a paid combination.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Magic Poker».

Magic Poker Interface

This game has a convenient and user-friendly interface, which is clear in any language for anybody.
Before each of the deal you need to fix an amount of the bet. You can click at the cards which you would like to hold before the exchange. The game gives you tips marking the cards automatically. However you can make your own choice.
The pay table is situated right above the dealt cards.
There are buttons of the automatic game and mode and «magic» cards at the control panel.
Details of the current round are displayed in the informational line.
There is a question mark which opens the informational section and a gear wheel which opens sound parameters and settings of the automatic game in the top part of the screen.
It is not necessary to download «Magic Poker» slot machine, because this model can be launched right in a browser.


The special cards which double up standard multipliers is an interesting solution, which makes the gameplay more exciting. This model also attracts by its convenient control panel, the stylish design and different settings.
However please don't forget about the series disadvantage of this kind of video poker. We are talking about too low payback index. This index should be much higher in the gambling games of this genre.
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Where to play Magic Poker for free or real money?

You can find «Magic Poker» available for free testing and real bets in EuroMoon Casino. We would talk about other online casinos cooperating with iGaming2Go later.
Please don't be shy to write a response about «Magic Poker». We are looking forward for your opinions in comments. You can also rate this game with stars.
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