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The vast majority of payouts in casino slots are awarded by winning combinations, which are made up of identical symbols. This point of the rules seems elementary, but it hides a lot of interesting nuances.

To learn how to thoroughly understand slot machines, you should understand to the smallest detail how the paid chains are formed and how the winnings are calculated.

The main types of combinations in slot machines

First of all, make sure that you understand how paid combinations are formed in slots. The basic provisions are described in the main article on slots rules. If you are taking your first steps in an online casino, please study this publication.

Winning chains can be formed in the following ways:

  • On fixed active lines – This is a common approach. The slot has a certain number of bands. Each of them presupposes the order of how to line up
  • On a different number of lines – in such machines, winning sequences are also formed on certain bands, but the client decides how many lines to use. Naturally, the more of them, the higher the overall rate, but the options to get paid, too, more.
  • Without taking into account the active bands – If there are no certain lines, the chains are made up of identical pictures that appear in any cells on the adjacent reels. In such models, there are usually a lot of winning combinations.
  • On the principle of clusters – This is an even more unusual way. Chains are composed of characters of the same type, which can be located anywhere on the screen, but must touch each other faces (not diagonally).

In addition, if active lines are used, there are different rules for the arrangement of combinations:

  1. From left to right – this approach is most common. Paid chains should start with the first column on the left.
  2. On both sides – in this case, sequences can develop from left to right or right to left.
  3. In any position on the strip – in such games, combinations can be anywhere on the line.

When getting acquainted with a new slot game, always carefully read the rules relating to this aspect.

Exceptions to the rules of forming the combinations

Not all of the symbols form a winning combination according to the above rules. Some symbols are paid differently.

Let's highlight the main types of such icons:

  • Scatters  – They bring wins, appearing in any cells on the screen. In this case, the payout amounts are determined by the total bet and special coefficients.
  • Mixed chains – in some video slots, paid sequences can be formed from different elements. For example, in classic slot machines, this is how single, double and triple BAR work. Most often, such payments are minimal.
  • Wild – these pictures are not always shown on all reels, so it happens that they can not form combinations at all. But if they are paid by themselves, the winnings on them are usually maximum. Their main feature is that they are able to replace other icons.

There are also icons that do not bring payments at all. They are designed to run bonuses of different types.

All  special symbols are considered in the table, where they are often given thematic pages.

Unique varieties of Wild and Scatter symbols are discussed in review articles at Casinoz.

Criteria for calculating payouts in slots

Now let's see how the amount of winnings in the casino slot machine is determined.

Most often winnings are calculated according to two basic criteria:

  1. Rate –  this is the amount that the player has bet in the current round;
  2. Coefficients are fixed indicators like x2, X5, x1000, x10000 and the like.

These two indicators are multiplied. For example, the bet per line is one Euro. On the active band, there was a combination with the multiplier x9000. The prize, in this case, is nine thousand euros.

Just note that not always taken into account the rate on one band. In many devices, the total amount at stake, the value of conventional coins or some other values are taken as a basis.

But the general principle is almost always the same:

The bet is multiplied by certain odds provided by the rules for all combinations available in the game.

You can specify the number of payments in a special table when attached to the model. But it is important to understand what values are demonstrated potential winnings: cash, coins, fixed multipliers, etc. A separate article at Casinoz is devoted to tables and the rules of casino slots.

Bonuses on forming combinations

In modern online casinos, slots are not uncommon, in which any winning chain involves additional advantages for the client.

Let's highlight a few common options:

  • Disappearing pictures – as soon as the player receives a payout, the symbols from the paid combination disappear from the screen. Free cells fill the pictures, which are higher on the reels. If the chains are made again, everything starts again. Usually the number of such launches in one series is not limited.
  • Additional multipliers – Sometimes, if winning sequences are formed one after another without a pause, the coefficients are activated, which increases the payouts. They can be fixed or growing. For example, starting with the second payout, the multiplier x2, the third – X3 and so on.
  • Special payouts – Sometimes there are special wins for certain types of combinations. For example, if five Wild symbols line up on the Central strip, the client receives a jackpot. Also, the prize payout can rely on all the cells on the screen occupied by the same pictures.

In the reviews of video slots at Casinoz, all such cases are considered in separate subsections.


To play and win on casino machines, it is not necessary to understand all the intricacies of the rules. In fact, you can choose a slot with the maximum RTP, determine a comfortable bet size for you and just start spins, hoping for luck. Payments will be calculated and accrued automatically.

Any reasonable user will want to understand how the device operates, how chains are formed, how sums are determined and the like.

This helps to give an objective assessment of the model according to different criteria, choose the best slots for you and get other important information.

Knowledge is power! Learn to gamble right with Casinoz.

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