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casino american martingale system

A betting system for roulette and some other gambling games that is known as the Martingale strategy is familiar to most of our regular readers. Moreover, we are sure that many of them have personally tested it.

This model is surely the most famous strategy of its kind. We have devoted a few articles to it, trying to explain to our readers why it is unable to help you in beating casinos. You will find these publications following the links or using a search engine of Casinoz.

This betting system has several versions. One of them is the so-called American Martingale. This article deals with this strategy.

General Description

This system is also called the American Rising strategy. Therefore, as you have guessed, this is a betting progression, implying an increase in the bet size. It should be increased in case of unprofitable spins.

The American Martingale betting system is mainly used while playing roulette on equal chances, so we'll treat it as an example of the gambling game. In fact, it can be used in any roulette with the opportunity to bet on red/black, odd/even, and high/low. Of course, the French version is more profitable, since it features the La Partage rule.

The aim of this betting system is to compensate for two losses in each victory. If the number of unprofitable rounds is higher, the next bet should be equal to the amount lost in the first and last spins. Having won, you should cross out these data and take into account those that are not on the list. The explanation is provided below.

You will have to write down the outcomes of spins, since it is difficult to memorize all data, especially if you are in the red. However it is easy at online casinos. So, prepare a sheet of paper and pencil. Everything seems to be more complex in brick and mortar establishments. Nevertheless, you can always invent something or develop your own convenient system that allows calculating in your head.

Step by Step

Let's discuss the American Martingale betting system in detail, taking even money bets in the traditional European roulette as an example. Our calculations will be made based on the assumption that the initial bet is equal to one credit.

You do not need to analyze previous spins, so you can start playing immediately.

We offer you a table that may help you to observe the gameplay and select the desired bet size. For example, you always bet on black.

The American Martingale Table

Let's discuss this strategy in detail.

  • Having lost, you should double your bet and write in your notes the number of initial bets that should be won back.
  • Having lost once again, you should make a note that it is necessary to win back one and two bets. One plus two equals three. It is the size of your bet in the next round.
  • If you lose again, write: 3, 2, and 1. The bet for the next round is formed by the terminal figures, i.e. 3 plus 1 equals 4. Make bets in this way until you win.
  • As soon as you succeed in winning, you should add the payout sum in initial bets to the beginning of your list. You should cross out the last figure (i.e., the minimum losing bet).
  • The next bet should be equal to two terminal figures on your list added together.

It is up to you to decide when to stop. It is recommended that you should start again as soon as you reach a positive result. In other words, as soon as you are in the black, start with the minimum bet. It is the safest strategy.


It has been known that the classic Martingale strategy may be dangerous due to the fact that the bet significantly increases even in case of a small period of losses. Therefore, it is necessary to risk a large sum to win only one initial bet. If the table has low betting limits, the user quickly reaches the upper limit and cannot continue to play according to the established pattern.

The American Martingale betting system is a quite aggressive and therefore risky strategy. In many situations, gamblers need to quickly raise bets, devastating their bankrolls.

To sum up, we are going to remind you that none of betting systems can help you to beat roulette. We have already explained in various articles on the portal Casinoz why it is impossible to reduce the house edge in this way.

Be prudent and always gamble wisely!

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