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Grand Martingale Betting Strategy (Roulette)

roulette System Grand Martingale

Do we need to introduce the Martingale system, which is most commonly used for playing roulette? If you are a regular reader of Casinoz, you certainly know more than enough about it. Anyway, we just want to remind you that it includes even money bets that should be doubled after each loss. After a win, it is necessary to start from the initial bet.
Apart from the traditional Martingale system, there are numerous other versions of this model. There are more complicated variations of this strategy. One of them is the Grand Martingale betting system, which is discussed in this review of the portal Casinoz.

General Description
We are going to describe its use while playing roulette. Firstly, the majority of clients use it just for making even money bets. Secondly, roulette is perfectly suitable for the explanation of this strategy. Gamblers can virtually adapt this model for other games and purposes.
The Grand Martingale betting system differs from the standard Martingale in the fact that you will not only double even money bets after each loss but also make a side bet.
Let's discuss examples of its use.
Grand Martingale Roulette Betting Strategy
Step by Step
In fact, although this system is a complicated version of the Martingale strategy, it is also quite simple.
So, let's imagine that you are betting either on red or on black. Outcomes of previous spins are irrelevant. You can bet as soon as you have come to the table.

  • For example, you bet one dollar on red in the first round, but black comes up.
  • Then you should double your bet on red and add one more dollar. This means that your bet is equal to three dollars.
  • If the black number comes up again, you will have to wager seven dollars (it is necessary to double your bet of three dollars and add one dollar of the initial bet) on red.

You should play in this way until you win. Then it is necessary to start from the initial bet.

Additional Advices
If you have decided to test this betting system, we recommend that you should start with the smallest bets, since you will have to increase them in a very aggressive manner. You should give preference to French roulette, which will reduce expenses if zero appears.

Advantages and Disadvantages
If you find a table with betting limits that allow losing in five spins in a row and collect a sufficient bankroll, you'll win in almost 96.5% of sessions. Your winnings will be larger compared to the standard Martingale betting system. If the betting range is even wider and your bankroll allows surviving a prolonged unprofitable period, the probability of successful outcome will be even higher.
It is not uncommon for roulette that the same color appears ten, fifteen, or even twenty times in a row. And keep in mind that there is also zero! It will be extremely difficult to wait out such an unsuccessful session. If you reach the upper betting limit, this betting system becomes useless, since the victory will not return the lost funds.

Thus, comparing the Grand Martingale strategy with its classic version, we can identify both advantages and disadvantages. It allows users to win more under favorable circumstances, but it is more risky due to the fact that gamblers have to increase bets more rapidly.
We are going to remind you that none of roulette betting systems allows decreasing the house edge. Special articles published on Casinoz explain in detail why it is impossible to reduce this index by varying the bet size or using some other techniques.
We would like to know your opinion about the Grand Martingale roulette betting strategy as a whole. Write it in the comments. Share your personal experience and feel free to ask questions.

Rating: 9.50 / 10
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Date: 2010-04-03
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