Excalibur Slot Review

According to legends, the name Excalibur belonged to the legendary sword of King Arthur of the Britons. This sword was mentioned in hundreds of versions of fairy tales and legends, but according to the most common version, it was offered to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, though sometimes Excalibur was identified as the Sword in the Stone, which nobody could pull from it, except for the true king. Moreover, even the Excalibur's scabbard was said to have magical powers and made its owner invulnerable in battle. Well, try your own invulnerability playing the slot machine, which is called Excalibur.

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Play Excalibur slot

Excalibur is a five-reel video slot with nine paylines that has been developed by Globotech. Users can choose the coin value of 5, 25, 50 cents, $1 and $5 in this game. Up to 5 coins can be staked per each line.

Excalibur Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The luxury in graphics and the video slots from Globotech are two completely opposite things. In the case of Excalibur, the design looks as simple as possible, at the level of twenty-year-old flash games. Perhaps this has been made to emphasize the antiquity of history. In other words, the graphics can be considered only ironically. However the symbols on the reels are quite standard and do not look like foreign components. The multicolored tabs show: Excalibur, a gold ring and a gold crown, fanfares, a seal with the monogram "A" and a set of five letters, which form the word SWORD, providing the bonus.


The range of bets varies from $0.05 to $5.00, but investing this little sum, you can get a great jackpot.

Excalibur Interface

Globotech has used the usual skeuomorph in the design of its video slot. This means that the screen shows the real virtual slot machine standing in the hall of a casino. In the background other slots machines can be seen in the distance, and the playing field is located directly on the screen of the virtual slot. Reels are framed by bright and trivial images connecting peaked towers of the castle, the hilt of the sword, golden fanfares, red royal banners and even rays of the rising sun or some kind of shine that comes from the fortress walls. And this is present against the background of the color green cloth that covers tables at casinos. The markers of paylines are colored very brightly. The combination is really gaudy-colored, but that graphical refinements are not as valuable as the payout sum.

Users can notice the following buttons at the bottom of the slot:

Play 1 Line is used to activate one line

Play 3 Lines allows activating three paylines

Play 5 Lines is used to activate five lines

Play 9 Lines is used to activate nine lines

Spin allows spinning reels

Auto initiates autoplay

Bet One allows making a bet per line

Pay Table shows the pay table


This free slot machine is quite colorful. A little childish design, fanfares, trumpeting about your victory (?) to the whole world and a castle in which you are sent by this slot machine without registration are usually appreciated by visitors of online casinos. If you want to try a slot in demo mode, you can download this slot machine for free on our portal.

Where to play Excalibur for free or real money?

It is usually not easy to choose an online casino, but the range is small, when we start playing the slot machines from Globotech. However you can find a high-quality establishment. The medieval knights really liked swords and they are still interesting to many people, despite the presence of more advanced weapons, so gamblers should search for this video slot. It will inspire you. We recommend that you should apply to AzartPlay Casino.
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