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Craps strategy

Iron Cross Craps Betting Strategy
The Iron Cross craps betting system and its variation called Unbeatable Iron Cross are appreciated by many players, although neither one nor the other strategy is extremely profitable. Users just enjoy the fact that it is possible to lose only if 7 is rolled. Any other result brings profits.
Point-based Craps Betting Strategy
To maintain the highest possible chances of winning while playing craps, you should make only those bets that have the smallest house advantage. They are referred to as odds bets. However, they can be made only in conjunction with the pass line and come bets. Therefore, such a strategy seems to be the most profitable. Let's talk about the ways to apply it.
CPR Craps Betting Strategy
This is a very simple craps betting system that is suitable for novice players who are fed up with the pass line and odds bets but understand that these bets are the most profitable. This system is referred to as CPR that...
5 Count Craps Betting Strategy
Let's take a look at the craps betting system called 5 Count. We want to remind you that you are not able to change the house edge, regardless of your strategy or betting system. Odds have...

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